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My impeccable skin rituals with Swiss Code and Vetia Floris

Ok, it's time for me to reveal a few tricks I use to keep my skin glowing, young and naturally hydrated. While working often in every single region of Switzerland I had the privilege of having the nature so close to me, so I couldn't help it but to learn the natural way of taking care of my skin.
really like organic products and what I put on my skin is equally important to what and how I eat. That's how I have discovered Vetia Floris - a[...]

VISILAB & CARRERA: sports, class and fashion

Hey Guys.. Carrera is back! Look at these stylish mirrored glasses, I wear them with suits or jeans and a hoodie. They make every outfit look a bit more italian, therefore more groomed and fashionable. You can buy them on their website or check out the collection on
sponsor VISILAB! Carrera, un riche héritage de sport et de mode   L’histoire de Carrera commence en 1956, lorsque le fabricant de lunettes de [...]

Relax: it's fundamental - the Bulgari SPA.

The benefits of relaxation are infinite and it's a luxury worth taking and paying for, from time to time. The restricted membership at the Bulgari Hotel's SPA in London - Knightsbridge allows its guests to have a peaceful and quiet environment to swim, get treatments, steam in the hammam or simply
a healthy sneak and drink on the lounges around the tasteful, 25-meter swimming pool. The lounges have cabanas, the style of the design i[...]

With four restaurants and four bars, this regal hotel is set in the middle of royal gardens and swimming pools full of fascinated and enchanted tourist. This is the place to be for glamorous Moroccans too, most of all when it comes to the delicious buffet and Sunday brunch. Jacques Garcia and Olivia Giacobetti contributed [...]


We are still restructuring and rebranding CHICoverdose in an all-independent women written portal. It’s going to take a little while, but – in the wait – here’s an eye candy I believe you’ll appreciate. As a super car lover here’s again a black beast: the Ferrari 458 all black everything.


Here for you the LIVE STREAMING of the following fashion shows: BLUGIRL – Thursday, February 20, 10:30 am CET BLUMARINE – Friday 21 February at 09.30 CET ROBERTO CAVALLI – Saturday 22 February at 12.30 CET