Jeans, jogging shoes, scooter, not a care in the world: Xenia ‘s Italian influence starts with a Vespa.

How is Xenia when you meet her? What kind of cultural influences have shaped her?

Anybody who is familiar with her knows that she is originally from Russia, grew up in the Italian part of Switzerland, and travels all over the world for her job. The fact that she speaks six languages adds more international flair to her character – describing her in one word is not that straightforward.

But what has always struck me about her in person is her warm and bubbly way of interacting with people, and – since we both speak Italian – her immediate “Italianity”. Xenia’s ability to enjoy life, her love for beauty and culture, her liveliness and fashion choices are strong traits of her personality. Some of her recent pictures display them better than words:

Spaghetti as food for thought

Here we go, the symbol of all Italian stereotypes: spaghetti. But what a better way to go through some health benefits of this dietary staple, than by writing about it from a nutritional point of view ? A Chic Overdose article has explained how to stay slim and eat healthy while enjoying pasta. Check it out here.


A delicious tomato sauce on classic spaghetti: stay in shape while enjoying excellent food!

A passion for Italian cars

Xenia is regularly seen driving a luxury car – be it for charity, to sponsor an event, to showcase a new model or simply for fun, one can see how keen to drive beautiful cars she is.

Xenia loves speed, good design, luxury cars, and driving – here she is at an Italian event “Cars and Coffee” in Brescia.
Driving for a good cause: Xenia on her charity race Cash and Rockets, where she drove a Lamborghini Huracan and raised money for Africa.

Sunglasses Ambassador

Aren’t Italians specialised in wearing sunglasses? Most of them seem to have a collection and to wear them even in not so sunny weather, or indoors. Xenia is the ambassador of Visilab and loves wearing different shades.

Polarised lenses and juice break.
Stylish and relaxed while wearing biker jacket, chain bag, loose hair and Avrone sunglasses.

Sicilian Black

In the tradition of La Dolce Vita or Sicilian style, Xenia loves a figure-hugging black dress or outfit. Even in casual moments she will often wear black – after all…black is the new black.

Do it like in Sicily: traditional black can be very feminine and practical too.
You don’t need much jewellery or accessories when you wear a plunging neckline in classic black.


If there’s a baby around , who can resist? Certainly not Xenia!

A happy baby that seems to enjoy Xenia’s voice and soft leather jacket very much.
Mealtime between meetings.

La Mamma

Xenia has a very close relationship with her mother and is regularly seen with her. If you are curious about their style choices, you can check them out here, but be warned: it’s not easy to believe they are not sisters.

Xenia and her mum, Tania. They enjoy a warm and close relationship.
Good genes and a lot of love – Xenia and her mum in a cold London day.