Xenia’s hairstyles recap


Xenia in her Brasil shooting “The Perfect Woman”

Xenia is well known for her perfect face, gently framed by a beautiful mane of ash blonde hair. Her personality is indeed as big as her hair, and don’t we love that? Throughout Chic Overdose, her Instagram, her professional photo shootings and her social media activity, Xenia shows us her style in both private and formal moments of her life, with great attention to detail but also a freshness her fans always appreciate.
Be it loose, on the side, tied in a bun, or coiffed for an event, her long hair is often a tiny bit different, and yet remains her signature style.
Let’s revise Xenia’s hairdos with some of her pictures.

Totally natural

One of Xenia’s strengths is how she can switch style: from natural to glamorous depending on the moments and occasion.


'I'm like hey, what's up hello' #glowing #sleepy

‘I’m like hey, what’s up hello’ #glowing #sleepy


Natural in Morocco.

Bouncy locks – curled at the end

One her Xenia’s favorite styles, very similar to her natural hair; just a bit more “made”.



Sporty, but with bouncy hair.



A stunning portrait with soft, wavy hair.


Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug


In her Revlon campaign. Photo: Thomas Buchwalder.


A Paris presentation with long, straight hairdo.

Tied in a bun

This look can be very sophisticated or also natural (especially for the gym). Here two examples.


Tied hair, but slightly loose in the front.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 09.58.16

Fresh and natural for the gym.

On the side

Swipe your hair on the side for an immediate glamour effect


Revising her speech.


Xenia for Shawish jewels : diamonds and glamorous look.

Half up

Get extra volume and yet keep part of your hair loose


Waiting for her “Influencer of the Year ” prize, in her Georges Mak dress and classic updo.


At the Cannes Film Festival – it doesn’t get much more glamorous than that!

Sleek and shiny ponytail

For a glamour effect, especially if paired with perfect make-up


A Chic version of the classic bun.


Xenia at the W Miami.

Classic coiffed updo


“The higher the hair, the closer to God” (Karin Gillespie).


Framing and highlighting the face with extra volume and soft curls.

Brigitte Bardot style

Xenia has often been compared to a young Brigitte Bardot, and has played with that image in some photo shootings.


Is this Brigitte or Xenia?


Sixties look and hairdo.

Blonder shade

Even though in recent years Xenia has chosen a completely natural color, blonder shades also suit her type very well.


One of our favourite portraits – black and white at its best.


Xenia’s lighter hair also suit her features.

Natural, just out of bed hair

Even with an elegant look, hair that is left a bit wild and natural makes a pleasant contrast.


Bare back and casually arranged hair.


Volume and natural bounce for a gorgeous style.