Where is Xenia heading to next?

Xenia ‘s schedule is a pleasure to look at: if you follow her on social media (and therefore avoid the traveling routine, the jet-lag, and all the stressful factors around it), you’ll see an incredible selection of beautiful locations and venues she gets to visit. While some of the places change constantly, others seem to come back regularly both for business and because she particularly likes them. So where is it most likely to meet Xenia? In a city, on a beach, at an event, a prize, a fashion show, in an office, in a hotel lobby, at a charity event, or simply driving around? All of it and more. Here’s a recap of some of the places she loves most to travel to.


There’s no place like London – its vibe, culture, luxury, heritage and look into the future are unique. A long time favorite.

London mews in springtime.
A typical , foggy London day. Chanel sneakers and camel coat make it more comfortable.



The Milan life! Is it the Dolce Vita? Or for how energetic and bubbly this city is? Or maybe for its great food and design? Whatever the reason, Xenia visits a lot, both on business and to see the latest trends and events.

Jeans, sneakers, black tanktop and a sense of freedom: Milano!
At the Milan Fashion Week.


Xenia travels regularly to France – she loves the language, the Cote d’Azur, the city of Paris, the fashion events and in general the European elegance. How could she refuse to go to the city once more for her latest charity event? That’s why she joined Cash & Rocket: a race, an adventure and a way to raise money for great causes.

In a red Valentino gown, as an ambassador for Cash & Rocket.
Salut la France!
Salut la France!


Where sun meets business: another of Xenia’s regular destinations.

Time to enjoy a healthy break and relax in the sun.
See through top to enjoy the Miami beach.

New York

Every business leads you to New York, sooner or later. Fashion, blogging or show business are no exception. Get things done here and enjoy the vibe.

A Tribeca photo shooting.
A graffiti wall is a good background for a white top and leather leggings.


Great to relax, to party, to sunbathe, to enjoy music, and for business too. Young and lively, Ibiza has changed and improved in recent years.

Ballerina look and stilettos for an Ibiza break.
Enjoying Ibiza and good food.


To relax and take time for yourself, Morocco offers stunning views, beautiful decor and a very special atmosphere. It’s also eye-candy and certainly a good background for pictures!

Typical colours and tiles of Morocco make a gorgeous background for an all-jeans look.
Backless top and white jeans for a Marrakech break-


Here is where Xenia was raised, so for sure where the feeling of home is. The lake and the beauty of the Swiss mountains and scenery are sometimes underestimated by people who don’t know this place. Last but not least: this is where Xenia’s mother lives too.

The beautiful lake of Lugano is a stunning background for a walk or a photo shooting.
Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 09.32.02
Relaxed in Lugano.


Be it for the Cannes film festival, or to enjoy the sea, Xenia loves this location; the French Riviera is gorgeous and always packed with events.

In Cannes once again – this time Xenia didn’t fly: she drove with Cash & Rocket.
At the Cannes Film Festival last year.