tee time

Everyday we are presented with opportunities. Ones that allow us to grow as individuals, get out of our comfort zone, meet new people and learn new things. Sometimes these opportunities fall into our laps and sometimes we need to create them.

What if, instead of taking a passive attitude, you could take action and orchestrate the circumstances that make it possible to do something, and therefore create opportunities? To find avenues for opportunity creation, simply look around you. We are only confined by our own limitations.


Now apply this same concept, but with a particular focus in mind and just imagine the possibilities. For example, If there is someone you would love to meet and/or receive advice from, but don’t have their contact details, why not try guessing their email address?! If that doesn’t work, you can always contacting them through their social media accounts. Most people these days have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Account – Try them all! I have done all of the above.

never give up

You never know where a little groundwork could lead; some of my most amazing experiences have resulted from me taking hold of every opportunity presented and when they aren’t, making them happen. Since running The Lingerie Boutique, I am often invited to industry events and late last year I was in Shanghai for a trade event. Part of the event involved a private cocktail party, followed by a runway show, as part of Shanghai Fashion Week. I always Google the place I am going to prior, so I already knew what the place looked like. Just before the transportation had stopped, I was sure we passed what looked like the venue. Our transportation then dropped us off at the wrong location (a few blocks from the actual venue), which left 200+ attendees standing in the streets of Shanghai not knowing where to go. There were two gentlemen standing next to me, who also looked puzzled. I realised I could either wait there and follow the crowd, or I could strike up a conversation and convince some people to come with me to find the correct place. While we lead everyone to the venue, I struck up conversation with the gentlemen and discovered they were part of the advisory team who organized the trade event. The evening lead to many introductions at the party and insightful conversations, which would have never happened, had I not taken the opportunity presented. Simply, when you take charge and do something different, you can never predict the chain of events that will follow.


Always remember, you never regret the opportunities you seized; only those you didn’t.  So create opportunities and see where they lead – it could be somewhere amazing!


pic credits from Google images.