Fashion doubts in the closet. Photo:

Everybody has had that day: you don’t know what to wear. So annoying. You feel guilty for having such a stupid problem, but you can’t decide – nothing seems to work.

Can you find a solution? Yes: most probably you do have enough items in your closet, also that very day. So here are 10 ideas for those moments. 5 ideas to be used before the crisis happens, 5 ideas to be used during.


1. Selfies.

Take a picture or a selfie of at least three outfits you always love wearing. You know those kind of uniforms that make you feel presentable in any occasion, and always received good feedback in the past, when you wore them? Store them in your telephone to be used the very moment you are blocked and can’t decide.

Selfies can be used to memorise and store outfits and clothes combinations. Miley Cyrus taking a selfie. Photo:

2. Find a fellow fashionista.

Fashionistas share tips and sometimes items. Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. Photo: pop

Find a friend (or mother or colleague or daughter) who likes fashion as much as you, and ask her if she would like to swap a handbag or a scarf or an accessory for a little while, in return of something you own and she likes too. That way you can always count of something fresh and new in your wardrobe to sparkle your clothes collection.

They might exchange fashion tips too! Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton. Photo: and

3. Follow your heart.

Don’t buy a dress for a wedding/for a party/for an occasion. Unless it is really necessary to get a new item exactly for that specific event, buy before the occasion arises, and because you really like an item (not because you need it). This way you will have more time, you will choose something that really reflects your taste and personality, and you’ll be able to choose among more options.

Choose ahead and follow your heart. Photo:

4. We are here for you!

Go to fashion blogs you like and check out the latest proposed looks. Chic overdose, The Sartorialist, In Style…you name it. Watch , watch , watch. That’s how you learn or simply get ideas for new combinations of the items you already own. You can google one of your favorite celebrities. When you find an outfit you like, save it or take a picture of it. Most probably you can copy at least one idea from it: the color, the combination, one accessory, a style, the amount or the lack of jewels, the proportions. You need at least one new idea to feel inspired and confident again, when you are stuck. With new eyes and an enthusiastic approach , you can look at your clothes again. Now make new combinations and photograph or memorize them.

Xenia outfits are always immaculate and inspiring. Check her out on
In some special occasions you can dare to bare; be careful to keep the rest elegant and take a selfie if it helps to check the result. Photo:

5. Target your exact problem.

Think about what always bothers you , and find the right outfits to store in your phone or memorize.

If your problem is weight fluctuation: find two or three outfit combinations that always make you look slimmer on a bad day (dark colours, loose soft shapes, light fabrics, attention to the top part of your body). If the issue is that you don’t want to repeat items too much (you feel they have been seen too many times): find a new combination like the same bottom and trousers, but different blazer or jacket. Or select exactly the same outfit but with a big bold scarf and some shoes you haven’t worn for a while.
If what bothers you is that you would like your clothes to look more expensive: choose dark colours (they hide imperfections like cheap buttons or bad seams or stitcheries better ), keep it really simple, don’t over accessorize. Less is more and looks more classy. Pair with a good handbag.

Target weight fluctuations and find loose items. Kellie Pickler. Photo:
Tamara Mellon knows when to dare with unusual shoes. Photo:
Black always looks elegant and high end. Kim Kardashian. Photo: the


6. Classics.

Nothing pleases you? Wear one of your “uniforms”, or a real classic like jeans and white shirt or t-shirt; a little black dress; the combination white top/black bottom; jeans and pullover. Take particular care of your hair and make-up (you are not satisfied with your aspect today; so make an extra effort with your grooming at least).

Jeans and white t-shirt are a timeless combination, as Tania showed on Chicoverdose.
The LBD is a classic you can also pair with coloured scarves or accessories.
White top, black bottom. A Chic classic.
Comfy knits or pullovers are perfect for a “I don’t know what to wear” day.

7. Accessorize wild.

Another option for a moment of fashion doubts is to wear something classic, but dare more than usual with accessories. Find a big ring, get a bold silk scarf out, stack some bracelets and a big watch together, wear high heels even though they are not practical, wear an evening clutch, or sunglasses, or change your key ring or add a pendant or a ribbon to it. You need to go the extra mile today, otherwise you simply won’t be satisfied. Anything a bit creative will do.

Rachel Zoe is the queen of over accessorizing. Photo:
Jaime King wearing wearing golden clutch and shoes. Photo:

8. Text.

Text someone you love and ask them what they like to see on you. Tell them you will follow their suggestion. See what they come up with!

Sarah-Jessica Parker texting. Photo: justjared.

9. Old is good.

Find a piece that is very old – maybe the oldest one of your closet – and you almost forgot. it’s like having a new item, but with the bonus that you know it well and it gives you memories.

Pick an accessory or item you haven’t worn for ages. Jaime King. Photo:

10. Read a poetry.

Look for a pleasure for your soul. Music, a short good read like a poetry, thinking about a good moment that made you really happy. Stretch your body and breath deep. So much is in your mind…and you have the power to find it.

Now you are ready to look gorgeous!

Find a pleasure for your soul. Photo: