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Did you know that Chinese people perceive teaching as one of the most regarded professions, and that in many of the European Countries teaching isn’t respected enough. And do you think teachers pay is directly correlated to students’ outcomes? How to improve the status of teachers worldwide?

These and many more topics were brought up today in a very elegant and enlightening reception held by the Varkey Gems Foundation today in London. The noble cause of Changing Lives through Education is supported not only by the Verkey family’s non-profit organization, but by many professors and experts in the field such as Lord Adonis, Professor Peter Dolton, Andreas Schleichter – all of whom have contributed to a Global Teacher Status Index research that produced several surprises.

Personally it made me reflect upon topics such as performance-based pay but also about the quality of -what- is being taught nowadays: is it important to form good executors and professionals, or shall we invest into creativity, and encourage the students to try a more independent thought process? I think a balance of both is the most desirable, and excellent teachers are for sure an important building brick to any child’s future.

President Bill Clinton didn’t miss the opportunity to address a speech and be the highlight of this informative and inspiring event.

Held at the Institute of Directors, in London, teachers, professors, philanthropists and business people could enjoy a stimulating debate in the historically rich, victorian building at 123 Pall Mall.

A luxury, class and refinement that only London can produce.

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