If you know me a little bit you know that I am self-made woman as well as a believer in hard work to achieve your dreams.

That’s why female empowerment is a very important subject close to my heart. After my recent speech at the United Nations I have been offered the opportunity to engage with the International Trade Centre for their amazing SheTrades platform: and I couldn’t wait to let you guys know more about what this digital empowerment tool is.

SheTrades is a global initiative by the United Nation’s ITC. Their goal is to connect one million women to market by 2020..

What does this precisely mean? It means getting 1 million women who have a business to trade (buy and sell) products and services with a counter party. And it’s super close to achieving and surpassing this goal!

SheTrades is an online platform and an app that unlocks markets for women in business (anywhere and everywhere) and consequently empower them economically. Here’s how the app looks like:

If you are a woman in business or you know a female entrepreneur who is looking for trading and business partners – SheTrades is your best tool.


Promote your business, create a profile to make your business visible, improve your skills with webinars and e-courses or mentoring sessions as well as ITC organised events – but most importantly: find credible and verified business partners and expand your market! What are you waiting for? SheTrades is free and online now.