My latest trip to Cote D`Azur which was in mid-May, made me realize how perfect the month of May is for visiting this Glamourland. Check out my top 7 reasons below.

1. Cannes Film Festival


Le Festival International du Film de Cannes is annually held in sunny Cannes in May and it is one of the most prestigious movie venues in the world that accommodates celebrities, tourists and anyone who is in some way involved in the movie business. It has a little bit of everything – chic, glamour, beauty, sun, sea, upscale restaurants, yacht parties, red carpet and yet another movie star just around the corner. The Cannes Film Festival alone is enough reason to hop on the next flight to Cote D`Azur and collect some stardust.

2. Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix


In the unlikely event that movies and fashion are not among your interests, there is another great reason to visit the French Riviera – le Grand Prix de Monaco held each year on the circuit of Monaco, surprisingly…in May. Strictly speaking Monaco is not France, but you know what I mean. For several days, Monte Carlo and La Condamine turn into a racing track and the place is packed up with spectators from all around the world. If you are quite well-of, you can watch the racing from your boat conveniently located in the harbor, or you can use a restaurant or building balcony around as a viewing area.

3. Classic cars auction and vintage race cars



Held two weeks in advance to Formula 1, it is an event that occurred in 2014 and included classic cars auction, plus Grand Prix of Monaco memorabilia, as well as vintage race cars. For those who need something more in addition to the striking glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo, vintage cars riding the circuit is just the cherry on the top.

4. Museum Night

Art lovers should know the initiative called museum night. La Nuit des Musées is a cultural event during which museums stay open till late night to allow for more visitors to enjoy their collections for free. A museum is usually visited on daylight, but anyone who has attended a museum during Museum Night can confirm that cultural nights have some special charm.

It is held every year on the Saturday closest to the International Museum Day, which often happens to be in…well, May. Since the European Night of Museums is a French initiative, attending the event in the French Riviera has an extra magic. The museums of Chagall and Matisse in the city of Nice are among the many alluring museums in Cote D`Azur that deserve your visit.

5. Weather


Every experienced traveler will confirm on this one – good weather is crucial to good trip. Not too cold, not too hot, May offers the prefect 20-22°C weather which is ideal to walking around the town, enjoying cocktails on bar terraces and even plunging for a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean. If you are in for some early suntan, the beach is ready, yet not too crowded and the sun is perfectly tuned to color you, without burning you.

6. Beginning


May brings the beginning of summer, of vacation season and a promise of late nights and new adventures. Going on a trip in the beginning of the season is just like waking up early on a sunny day and feeling the magic of a whole new beautiful day that is just about to happen. There is just something very special about beginnings, something very optimistic and upbeat that can only be felt, not explained.

7. Celebrities


With Cannes Film Festival, Formula 1 and the general splendor of Cote D`Azur, you can be sure you will meet some sort of a celebrity during your visit. During a lunch my friends and I were having in a restaurant in Monaco this May, Charlene, HSH The Princess of Monaco, happened to be on the table next to us, while a red carpet celebrity was sitting on another table across the hall. Princesses, models and movie stars – you cannot ask for a better place to meet all those people without even planning it. Not to mention the red carpet event twice a day during the Cannes Film Festival where you will definitely see stars like Nicole Kidman, Blake Lively and Cate Blanchett in their evening gowns.

8. Last but not least


Regardless of the season however, in French Riviera you can be sure you will enjoy first class gourmet food, beautiful scenery of where the Mediterranean coast and the mountains meet, richest people`s cars and mansions and the everlasting beauty of romantic streets of not so crowded places like St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Antibes. It is never too early to start planning another May trip to this Dreamland.