This iPhone app is a must if you like to keep track of random things in your everyday life.  Using your phone’s built in sensors and a few quick questions throughout the day, Reporter allows your to track your every day routines and presents them in the most elegant manner. From the amount of coffees you indulge in to how much time you spend eating lunch.

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 Facebook Paper


Addicted to Facebook? So are we. However, you too can start reading your news feed in a beautiful manner. This app lets you dive into the day’s content without the overwhelming blue template were all used to. Enjoy reading Facebook like if it was a magazine.

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If your part of the club of people who own a professional camera but always tend to forget it at home, this is the app for you. VSCO Cam allows you to take amazing shots using your iPhone.  With a wide array of customisable features and presets, this app is sure to reveal the professional photographer in all of us.

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Annoyed of being woken up every morning with the same alarm sound? We found the app for you. Wake is an app that allows you to customise your iPhone into whatever alarm clock you’d like it to be. Whether you prefer shaking the iPhone in the morning to turn the alarm off or slapping the screen (gently of course) Wake lets you do all that.

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Camera Noir


Another photography app, but this one serves another purpose. This app, as the name entails, allows you to take amazing black and white pictures in a couple of seconds. With its built in effects and adjustments, all you need to do is play around until you get your professional looking masterpiece.

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