For top-tier celebrities, owing a private jet is a right of passage – a prerequisite of the rich and famous that shows the world that when it comes to your budget, the sky’s the limit.

A private jet not only offers a level of convenience and luxury that the average Joe may never experience, but also privacy. After all, you can’t be dealing with the pesky general public when trying to get from A to B.

And once you purchase your private jet, you then have to choose how to kit it out. ‘Tis a tough life.


5) Tom Cruise and his Gulfstream IV

Estimated to cost $100 million USD, Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream is said to be like a stretch limousine with wings – and then some. The plane comes complete with beds, power showers, satellite TV and a pumping sound system. He’s also gone and installed silk carpets and seven million USD worth of Versace interiors. And being the wacky Scientologist he is, he’s even put in a system that refreshes the air every two minutes so that he doesn’t get sick from any airborne nasties.



4) Oprah Winfrey and her Bombardier Global Express XRS

Oprah’s custom-designed private jet seats 10 passengers on plush, all-leather seats. And to top it off, she’s fitted it out with designer fixtures, too. In 2009, Oprah said: “It’s great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.”


3) John Travolta and his Boeing 707-138

Qantas gave this beast of a plane to John Travolta as a gift. The exterior looks essentially the same as it did when Qantas gave it to him, but he transformed the interiors to create bedrooms and bathrooms for his family to fly in comfort. And he gets extra cool points for piloting the plane himself. He even has his own navy-and-white captain’s suit.


2) Donald Trump and his Boeing 727-23

As you’d imagine, Donald Trump has a pretty pimpin’ private jet. Not only is it massive, but it also features personal TVs, gold-plated seatbelt buckles and crystal lamps. Rooms on this veritable flying house include a dining area, lounge, master bedroom, guest bedroom and sweet VIP area. And if this plane flies past you, Trump’s made sure you won’t miss it – he’s emblazoned “TRUMP” on the side in huge golden lettering.


1) Sultan of Brunei and his Boeing 747-430

You’re probably not all that surprised that the Sultan of Brunei has one of the largest private jets in the whole world. After all, he is one of the richest monarch the world has ever seen – ever. His jet can fit up to 345 of the Sultan’s closest friends and cost over $230 million USD to customise. And when you learn that he’s kitted the bathroom, bedroom and living room interiors out in top-quality gold, you start to see why.


Xenia on a private jet – Brazilian fashion shoot yesterday


By Christina Wylie


Images sourced from Google Images