“I was not born for one corner: the whole world is my native land”. Despite for its ancient origin, this famous quote about traveling by Seneca is still up-to-date. For those ones who haven’t tried the life-changing experience of traveling alone yet, this article explains you why you should go solo on this amazing adventure.
Many women ask themselves “once the excitement is over, and the boring routine of daily life is back on track, what’s left?” These are some of the skills travel will boost. forever.


1. Independence

At first you will feel lonely, far from your family and friends. But then you realize that you don’t need them. You don’t need anybody. You make your own memories, and they can involve ideas, places and strangers. Not only the people you are surrounded by in your daily life. Something memorable can be the first time lost in a city you don’t know, where people speak a language you don’t understand. The amazing stories collected will remind you how great you are on your own and will prevent you from becoming dependent on somebody else.

2. Trust

Slowly you’ll fin degree of open-mindness is necessarily required, but don’t worry:  nobody expects you to merge with other cultures in a heartbeat. It takes time, but once you’ll start this process, you’ll be able to broaden your horizons and connect deeply with different individuals from every single corner on Earth, creating important bonds based more on instinctive trust rather than on convenience.

3. Strength (both mental and physical)

You’ll learn how much you can stand, how far you can walk, how many things gone wrong you can tolerate without losing your temper. You’ll build a scale of values, knowing your priorities. And you won’t willing to compromise easily anymore.


4. Ambition

Observing your own progresses will make you eager to find new opportunities and to create your own destiny. You’ll be pleased with your success but not completely satisfied   without new discoveries and new challenges.  You’ll feel at ease with yourself and the rest of mankind, and you’ll start to appreciate the similarities and, most important, the differences.

5. Confidence

Packing a suitcase helps you understanding which characteristics define you,  and spending so much time by yourself will allow you not only to choose the place in the world     you wanna live in, but also the people you wanna be surrounded with. And, most important, the person that you wanna be. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman that knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid of showing it.

These qualities altogether will create your own traveler’s scent.There’s no doubt that it will make you irresistible.          Ready to wear this perfume right now?