The Opera Gallery in Mayfair, London is part of a leading network of 11 contemporary art galleries, which promotes famous artists like Warhol, Dalí, Miró or Picasso, but also new comers and young artists who have achieved international success.

This is the case of the piece I liked the most during my visit – a provocative piece called Mc Donald’s – The Golden Arches, by Clara Hallencreutz.

As I asked more information about this Swedish artist, I found out that most of her pieces were in the same modern, provocative and attractive style.

Clara started her career specialising in commercial photography and has now transitioned into small-scale installation.

Drawing influence from various movements from Magritte’s surrealism, Mondrian’s geometric abstraction and Warhol’s pop art, each piece features the transcendence of ‘the every-day object’ into art that conveys a statement of contemporary whimsy.

The colour scheme employed in Clara’s pieces act as the primary visual focus, with the objects providing the vehicle. The use of real flowers as high relief couture, edible confectionary and fruit throughout her collection add to the whimsical appeal, and are further offset through the use of a pop artist’s palette.

All of Clara’s works exclusive plexi-mounted artworks come signed as one-of-a-kind works or as limited edition sets.

And have you seen how this talented artist looks like? This swedish woman could be an art piece herself.

Ps. The Opera Gallery is a must visit. It’s just strong, bright and truly fascinating.


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