I have been anticipating this interview for a long while now, and we’re finally here.

Several months ago somebody close to me wasn’t feeling that great, she was facing big changes in life and didn’t know how to feel better. I had the luck to hear from a friend in Switzerland about this interesting technique that athletes, politicians and businessmen use to potentiate their abilities and feel at a 100%.

The Swiss doctor and psychiatrist Nicolas Belleux has developed a unique technique called Energy1 that links a scientific approach with an alternative pathway. After receiving his degree in medicine he got an efficient training in various alternative techniques, including Oriental and Indian ones.


Thanks to his experience and research based essentially on traditional and alternative methods, Dr Belleux has been able to extract the best from his results to create Energy1. Thanks to these two facets and well aware of the frantic pace of today’s society, he has developed a technique of targeted care that aims to create a rapid change in unconscious behaviour.

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It is effectively within the unconscious mind that the blockages that govern our conduct and prevent change are crystalised. These blockages are created from birth and condition the acts of our daily lives, shape our way of thinking and influence our decisions.

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Throughout the day, the brain generates microprocesses in response to the information it receives and activates its behaviour accordingly.
With the E1 technique, it is possible to act on the mechanism from the microprocesses to the physical reaction through stimulation, causing a short circuit of the information during its path through the brain. In other words, E1 forces the information to take another path, creating new reference values. This causes a rapid change of unconscious behaviour and radically influences physical and emotional behaviour.

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You thus become the only master on board with the power to decode and re-encode your brain mechanisms to obtain the changes that are necessary in your life, your professional activity and your relationships with others. Scientists have given the name of neuroplasticity to the brain’s ability to “model itself”. Today, knowing that neuroplasticity exists, it is important to be aware of it and use it to achieve the goals that you have set yourself.


   “brain connections can grow and regenerate”


The practice of E1 enables you to explore your functional mechanisms in a new light and to develop the specific potential of each individual. E1 is also different from other methods because the tools it offers are quickly and easily applicable in everyday life.
You now have the possibility to perform better and to live better. The only difficulty that you will be faced with is to accept the fact that it is not necessary to make substantial efforts, to do long and demanding exercises, or to put your body and mind at pain to obtain visible results.


I was curious but sceptical at first, but when my friend had long lasting and stable results – made me want to spread the word for all of us. Energy1 is extraordinary.