The fun t-shirt

Would you like to brighten up the day with a little fashion statement? Why not wearing a fun t-shirt today? With jeans of course, or under your blazer to make your outfit look less formal, or over a long skirt to make it more casual. Glamour meets street style, contemporary fashion goes together with classic or vintage clothes.
Selfie Mania
It all started with the famous Dolce&Gabbana “Italians do it better” t-shirt worn by Madonna in a 1986 video. Nowadays mixing styles is a classic and one can wear t-shirts even at the Oscars. I love all basic t-shirts (white, grey or black), but also fun t-shirts.
Fun t-shirt doesn’t mean rude or cheap looking. It means that something on it will bring you a smile or will make other people, read, smile, maybe think or want one. It means fresh and ironic, or showing a positive message or a witty statement. I am especially fond of music or art themed t-shirts, and of witty jokes of course. I find the “Keep calm and carry on” series and variations a bit off by now…we have seen really enough of it.
Look for t-shirts which haven’t been seen that often and try. They look good on teenagers, ladies and men alike. Every time I wear a fun t-shirt, people tell me I look young and happy. If this is all it takes…bring t-shirts on!