Keeping with the theme: it’s one thing to know that you need to tell your story, it’s quite another to be able to tell it successfully.

 Joseph Campbell once said “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

And in that statement lies the secret to the ‘how’ of telling your story.

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The ‘who’ that you are today will have been shaped via a countless number of ways. The struggles you’ve endured, the choices you’ve made and the problems you’ve solved all come together to make your story unique.

This transformation of who you were to who you are will be what makes your story so compelling to be a part of and should symbolise the values you want your brand to hold. Consider the ‘Just Do It’ tagline, the story it tells and what it says about those who wear it.

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The same holds true for the brands you feel drawn to, there’s something in their DNA that speaks to your values whether that value is design (Apple), elegance (Tom Ford), innovation (Tesla), creativity and perseverance (Disney), or any other value you can think of.

The better tell your story and the more visible your values, the easier you can make a connection with your audience, and the deeper a relationship you can begin building.

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To that end then I will leave you with a few thoughts on how to tell your story:

  1. Bring your audience with you – They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, bring them on your journey.
  2. Delight them – Your struggles are their struggles; your victories are their victories. Share them when they happen and you’ll deepen your connection.
  3. Create community – Being a social animal is a wonderful thing, and the better we are at it the more successful we will be. Lulu lemon and Nike are great examples of how forming a community around your brand can be a magical thing when it’s done well.
  4. Be discoverable – Make your brand easy to find, be active in your story as it plays out on social media in ways native to the platform. And should you spot a new platform early jump on it – being on a platform while it’s still quiet is priceless. Ps. If you don’t know how, it’s never a better time to learn.
  5. Give Value before taking it – Probably the most important point. When you’re trying to build your brand it’s not the time to be asking what your customers can do for you, so figure out how you can give value without expectation on getting a return.

Be authentic and live according to the values of your brand and you should do just fine.