The future is here and technology is going to conquer the fashion podium in 2015. Fancy wearables, hi-tech clothes, nano-textile, they will make you look chic like never before.

According to Bing’s predictions for 2015, this will be the year of wearables. You know, those things that look like watches but are so much more than that.You can see what time it is on them, but you can also answer calls, monitor your heart rate, tweet, check the weather or record a voice note.

We have been waiting for Apple Watch for years and it has come, but it is not the only stylish and hi-tech thing you can wear on your wrist. Here are the top 5 watch-like techno-chic gadgets you can use to enhance your style in 2015.

1. Apple Watch


It is stylish, it is beautifuuuul and it comes in two sizes, three main editions and many different styles (“outfits”). The Apple Watch looks awesome at a chic party, on a business meeting and in the gym. It gives you numerous ways to express yourself and feel almighty.

2. Samsung Gear Devices


Samsung is always trying to beat Apple and this is good. The competition leads companies on the road to continuous improvement and the big winner is the customer. The fans of Samsung can find a big variety of wearables – for each taste and age.

You can choose from Gear STM – Samsung’s first network-connected wearable, GearTM Circle – Hands-free and uniquely designed around you, GearTM 2, GearTM Fit – the world’s first curved 1.84” Super AMOLED® display. Pick the one that matches your personal style and your needs and go show off yourself.

3. FitBit Devices


It is not a secret that there is fashion in fitness and you cannot just go running with your 10-years old sweatshirt and a Walkman. The FitBit wearable devices are not just trendy and stylish, but you actually need them for having a better and more efficient workout session or run.

They come in different sizes, types and colors. They track and monitor your key body metrics and allow you to collect, manage and analyse all that information right on your computer or tablet.

4. Jawbone Devices


The Jawbone’s “UP” system is a smart way to use technology to help you have more productive workouts, sleep better and eat healthier. The devices connect to your smartphone and give you all the information you need. At the same time they communicate with your body with gentle vibration patterns so you can get instant feedback about your health status.

Of course, they look cool.

5. Microsoft Band


Forget about the old boring Microsoft and stop thinking about Word and Excel. Get ready to wear on your wrist both your personal assistant and your coach.

Microsoft Band looks as something that came from Star Trek and it offers just as many options – 24-hour heart rate monitor, built in GPS, calorie tracking, sleep tracking, guided workouts, goal setting, UV monitor, messaging, calls, calendar, social media communication, watch mode (he-he), timer and stopwatch, weather and financial information and even your Starbucks card ready to be scanned at arm’s length.

Get it and you won’t regret it.

Year after year technology merges with fashion offering fine looking devices that are both useful and stylish. Consider enhancing your wardrobe with one of them – after all, you don not want to look 2014.