Yes I am a technology junkie, I depend on the internet for all my projects and always need the best device to help me work productively.

I need organisation, I am my own business and it’s not easy to keep up with so many jobs with wonderful brands, travels, bookings and events. I don’t think I have come across a better way to improve my organisational skills than Office 365. Me and my team have several devices and it works on all type of them.. up to five devices, including my iPhone! And – as you might have noticed – all my projects involve a lot of photography and videos: with Office 365 I got 1TB of storage storage on OneDrive for free. Yes you read it well.. for free. It seemed like a miracle to me too. No more running out of space for my pictures, for a while.

I’m a big fan of writing notes by hand, I believe that writing lists, planning, or simply drawing your vision is by far more effective than typing it on a computer. The problem? Sometimes I scribble something on a piece of paper and forget where I have put it, or I need to retrieve a specific note I wrote on a notebook but don’t have it with me. Since I started using a Surface 3 I couldn’t be happier – it has a touch sensitive screen and an optional pen with which I can write and draw anything I want right on its screen. If you click the button on top of the pen, your OneNote app will open automatically.

In one of my recent TEDx talks I have emphasised how important it is to write by hand to influence your mind, remember things better and achieve greater results, so imaging how happy I was to discover this option!


I then save the documents into my Microsoft account and can retrieve them remotely from anywhere I am, by just connecting to the internet. Priceless when in a meeting or on the go!

And as you know I’m always on the go, ready to jump on a plane to the next fashion week or to a new shoot or project, having a light device with me is vital. With a Surface 3 and Microsoft Office 365 (free and included for 1 year!) I have it all in one light sleek piece: watching movies, signing contracts, Skype conference calls and updating my webmag are simple and easy. Not only it weigh only 887g, but this thin tablet transforms itself into a laptop with its cool, colourful click-in cover-keyboard. And when I want to relax I just recline the tablet into a comfortable position and watch an episode of my favourite tv show (it has a 3-position Kickstand and a 10.8” high-resolution TOUCH screen).

Oh and did I mention that you can charge it with a micro USB – the same exact charger of all your android devices? It doesn’t get easier than that.

IMG_0952Image_AcrossYourDevice_430x145 IMG_0950Surface-PDP-128GB-MQ2-00004-Large-desktopIMG_0951Surface

shot by @the.Banker