The green foliage is out and buds are sprouting – don’t you feel like a makeover and a new start? We got inspired by spring and collected three tips to shed the winter mood. Here are our ideas to kick-start the warm season and be ready for summer – emotionally and physically.

Spring clean your closet  photo from
Spring clean your closet photo from

Spring clean your Closet

Japanese organisation guru Marie Kondo centred her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing around an easy and very effective idea: keep only items that spark joy. You read that right, they must spark joy. If you allow yourself the idea of only keeping things that bring out sentiment of joy and throw away whatever doesn’t, in return you’ll get the spectacular sense of walking into a closet where everything in it influences you in a positive way.
You do this in four steps:

1. Take everything out.

Start with clothes then move on to shoes and accessories. Just move things out and place them on your bed, or on the floor, or somewhere spacious where you can work well.

2. Take piece by piece and ask yourself: “does this bring me joy?” Be totally honest and donate or eliminate everything that doesn’t.

3. Keep garments you don’t wear anymore but still spark joy because they have a meaning for you or bring a good memory.

4. Don’t wait for the perfect day to do it: start now!

Feel Fresh after a facial photo from cellnique
Feel Fresh after a facial photo from cellnique

Get a facial

After the work is done, it’s time for a treat. How long ago did you have your last facial? Did you know that wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation can be now combated by simply going for a facial?
World-class facialist Nichola Joss (whose clients include Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet) specialises in the “Buccalling” technique, an intense facial massage done from the inside of the mouth in order to tone “the muscles and getting them back to where they ought to be”.

The Parisian Peel, The Triple Action Facial, the 60-minutes Face-Lift and The Holistic Meets High-Tech are some of the most popular new techniques currently trending. Find out what’s available in your area and pamper yourself fully.

Change your hairstyle

This could be done in different ways: give your hair a new cut or simply wash it and style it in a new way, like we recently explained in New Rule For Perfect Hair.

Sometimes we need a physical change in order to achieve an emotional one. Consult with your hair stylist and don’t be afraid to try. Go short or ad volume by layering or simply add some highlights that will brighten your face and play with the sunlight lighten your mood.

Step out and embrace spring photo from
Step out and embrace spring photo from

Embrace Spring 

The weather is getting warmer and the sun visits more often, so take advantage of it and start living in Spring style. Meet with your friends in the park and go for an outdoor activity. Try something new, play tennis or take a boat and flirt in the middle of a lake. Let spring inspire you and don’t be afraid to let this inspiration lead you to an experience you haven’t dared before.