When I lived in the capital region of America, I noticed such a high energy and fast pace everyone moved in. In Washington D.C., there is an abundance of power and influence, whether it be social or political. How do you stand out from the crowd and look good every time doing it? By wearing a suit. These are three reasons why wearing a suit is a must:

1) It makes you look professional. 

It shows that you mean business and you are ready to get to work. Wear a suit to interviews, formal events, and even out in town to have people turn their head. It shows that you took the extra few minutes to look sharp and ready to take on the day. Besides, most people would much rather do business and make transactions with a guy in a suit. Why? Look at a guy that doesn’t take the time to get his appearance together before he leaves the house. It shows disorganization, lack of cleanliness, and an uncaring persona. On the other end, doing business with a man looking professional is a much easier task with the thoughts of him having a good business sense and being a decision maker.

David Beckham
David Beckham

2) It’s attractive.

Women love guys in suits. Wearing a suit gives off the image of a strong work ethic, a positive maturity level, and a high level of success. It can also give the backdrop of mental and financial stability. When it comes to relationships, women love men that have a strong degree of ambition and drive. Wearing a suit greatly helps portray that image.


3) You feel respect.

Not only respect from others but self-respect as well. No one will see you as dependent on anything or anyone. Wearing the suit gives you a look of independence. You know that feeling of waking up, taking a hot shower, having a clean shave, and then putting on a fitted suit to start the day? Well you should. It is a confidence builder. It makes heads turn and gives you a feeling of empowerment. Productivity may be higher due to the mindset of getting things done. People will be drawn to you and what to know your background and what you do for a living. They will show you more eye contact. Give it right back to them.

Here are some basic tips on wearing suits:

  • Always have it tailored. You don’t want any baggy clothing. It needs to fit your body perfectly.
  • Never button the bottom button of the jacket. You do not want the jacket to rise whenever you sit down and you definitely do not want that stomach to look like it’s sticking out more.
  • Wear a good quality shirt with a quality matching tie.
  • Always wear a belt.
  • Add a pocket square to add sophistication.

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Xenia loves suits too
Xenia loves suits too