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Jordan Belfort needs no introductions. Especially so after the release of “The Wolf of Wall Street” – a notorious book-based movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort and directed by fabulous Martin Scorsese himself. The movie was criticised for its lose moral story and vulgarity, but let’ face it – there is a lot that we can learn from Jordan.


Jordan is currently on his world tour giving motivational speeches to those who want to learn how to grow, succeed and develop. On the 28th May Jordan Belfort visited London and I was more than happy to listen to his insightful success lessons. For those interested, Jordan will be coming back to London in September for a special 3-days event (contact for more information on how to book it).




In the meantime, here are a few insightful tips from the master of persuasion Jordan Belfort on how to control any business conversation:

You need to take control of a conversation from the beginning. However, the problem you are faced with is that on average another party will pass judgments on you after as little as 4 seconds. During these four seconds you need to let them know that:

  1. You are sharp;
  2. You are enthusiastic;
  3. You are an expert in your field.

How do you do it in four seconds? 45% of the work is the tone you use while talking. You need to sound confident and talk clearly. Another 45% is the body language you use. Do not fiddle or cross any body parts. If you are really nervous, you can fiddle your toes – no one will notice. The remaining 10% is what you say. Here the most important is not to say anything stupid. You need to make logical sense to the other party.


Finally, during the conversation you need to build a rapport with the other side. This can be achieved by the following:

  1. Convince them that you care about the subject matter and explain why. In order to bring your point across always use examples.
  2. Establish the connection with the other side. On a business level the other side must relate to you and feel that you understand their needs. Otherwise, how can they trust you? Therefore, try to show them that you understand their point of view and that you are confident about what you are doing.


Also, remember that your confidence and success starts from within. Jordan Belfort points out to four inner pillars that influence your success:

1. NEVER LOWER YOUR STANDARS. According to Jordan every person has a ‘thermostat’, i.e., an indicator of comfort. If your thermostat is set high, then you will struggle and work hard until you achieve it. If it’s set low, then you will have no motivation or reason to try any harder. That is why it is crucial to never lower your standards: those who only accept the best, will eventually get the best. After all, you are what you move towards and what you think about.

2. MANAGE YOUR INNER STATE. Certainty, clarity, courage, compassion, etc are constructive states. Uncertainty, overwhelm, unhappiness, etc are destructive states. If you think that your current state doesn’t affect your success think about parenting: even the best parent who had a very bad day and is extremely frustrated and angry will not be able to perform his parental duties to the best of his abilities that day. Jordan suggests using smells in order to manage your inner states. Remember those moments when you smell something that reminds you of a childhood and you are instantly taken back to those memories? That’s how powerful a sense of smell can be.


3. BELIEFS. Choose empowering beliefs. That doesn’t mean that you have to be unrealistic. According to Jordan you have to think about things how they are, not worse than they are. And then think about things better than they are. Belief is a very relative term and we all choose our own beliefs. You probably all heard of a quote by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right” .

4. FOCUS ON YOUR VISION. You attract what you move towards. Therefore, you must have a compelling fully integrated vision for your future. Not a goal, but a vision, since goals are temporary, but vision is permanent. How do you want to live? How many children do you want to have? Have a vision and constantly scan horizons for new opportunities.


Now go ahead and start making changes! 🙂