Asia’s largest exhibition of boats and super yachts, the Singapore Yacht Show, happened from 10 to 13 April at ONE°15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove.

I was glad to be invited as one of the bloggers to this wonderful event.


One of the highlights of this attraction is the Vertigo, an ultra-luxury, performance-oriented 67.2m ketch.


This is the the largest yacht ever to be built by the shipyard, Alloy Yachts; and the single largest sailing yacht ever to be built in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Superyacht is also ranked 7th largest globally.


I was really excited to go on board this ship because the last time I’ve been on a boat like this was Sedov when it was touring Hong Kong.


The aim for Vertigo was to create a luxury performance yacht, which could be used for worldwide cruising in absolute comfort and safety.

The interior aesthetics, functionality and comfort were entrusted to French design house Christian Liaigre. This was the first time the team had worked on a superyacht project from the outset.

The whole concept of this design is urban at sea.


The design is specially made to be very family friendly for the owner and family planned to stay on board for long periods. As such, instead of a traditional nautical design, the atmosphere here is more light and homely.

Here is the huge living room:

Saloon #1

I really liked the “sport chic” feel which the designer had created through the choice of materials and colours.

According to designer Guillaume Rolland “We opted for a palette of materials and hues dominated by white lacquered surfaces, coordinated in a harmonious combination with tinted walnut and black sandblasted woods.”

Brushed oak, leather and stainless steel are also used, and the custom designed, incredibly comfortable furniture complements the colour palette, perfectly capturing the simple, ‘sport chic’ spirit of the yacht.

ClassRoom #2

There is also a gym area where you can like exercise and look at the sea at the same time

midships gym with dock

A lot of thought had been put into the furniture design including rounded edges to ensure the safety of the passengers

Owner Detail #1

We also had a chance to visit the captain area. According to him, this boat usually travels between Europe and Asia. If it were to travel non stop, the entire journey would take 19 days!

Helm #2

The top deck was also magnificent. Here is where you can barbecue your food, sit down and have a chat.

flybridge looking aft

Another picture of the boat when it is sailing at sea.

Vertigo Sailing6
I had a really great time on this luxury yacht. We wish her well on her future voyages and will be looking out for her at future yacht shows and events!