Italia, bellissima!

I read on The Business of Fashion, a  magazine I really love and think highly of, that Milan Fashion “sticks to its guns”and doesn’t propose many new things. My opinion: the fact that Italian fashion was always beautiful is not a fault, and Milan keeps delivering because it doesn’t look for scandal or media attention – it looks for beauty,which is what Italy was traditionally good at and, long-term, also sells. In my opinion, up to now, this city has shown the best outfits and designs of the whole Fashion Weeks.

What are the emerging trends? Here are my favourites.

The Skinny Scarf

Forget about the bulky knots we’ve seen in the last 5 years: scarves are thin, and have no knot. One part is around the neck, the other one down, often reaching the floor. I could post 100 examples of this trend – it was really everywhere.

Skinny scarf by Roberto Cavalli. Photo:
Missoni proposed the skinny scarf with every look: casual or elegant. Photo:

 Belted it up

This trend is easy to copy and has been extremely successful both on the catwalks and on street stylers. Simply add a belt anywhere to define your waist better. Close it normally or with a knot.

Ermanno Scervino put a belt on an elegant chiffon dress, and knotted it. Photo:
Coats, jackets, cardigans were often closed with a tight belt. Here a read caot by Dolce e Gabbana. Photo:

 Naked Shoulder

Still going strong, this trend is often seen with fitted gowns and stretched materials.

Giorgio Armani: he did stick to his guns, and quite rightly so! Photo:
A red Scervino number that leaves one naked shoulder on show. Photo:

Shiny Pastel Shades

I am not sure how applicable to real life these colours are, but I am going to try: pastel, shiny shades are fun, and a single piece can easily elevate a dull look. Opt for a single accessory if not sure, go for a full dress if you are confident about it.

Kendall Jenner for Versace wears pastel shades and shine. Photo:
Blumarine proposed lame’ and metallic in many pastel shades. Photo:

Do I need to Say: Fur!

…because fur has been presented by almost any designer in New York and London, and seen a lot in the streets too!

Fendi used a lot of coloured fur trimmings (and those Boots are every fashionista’s obsession). Photo:
Marni proposed fur on a sexy red dress. Photo:

Unexpected Colour Contrasts

You know those colours you would never mix? Well, sometimes they really work, and we have seen a lot of examples in Milano.

Not your average palette by Gucci. Photo:
Deep pink and burgundy for Just Cavalli. Photo:

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