Hey there Gents,

Much debated and often denied is the subject of makeup for men. Why is it such a taboo? I mean, it’s not really fair that women get all this help but a man wakes up, and what he sees in the mirror in the morning is more or less what he gets.

I’ve done shoots with men, and as models, they get it. They aren’t thrilled, but it is a part of the job. However, if you bring up the subject of makeup to an ordinary man, they get..almost squeamish.

These shots from a shoot I did are pretty natural. Right? You would never think he had makeup on.



What a man needs makeup-wise is minimal. Covering up red areas or spots is really it, and evening out the skin tone. A man needs 2 things. Concealer and Powder.

Use a tiny amount of concealer on clean hands, and dab it over the areas which need it. Make sure there are no harsh lines by blending it around the area.

For under eyes, see the cropped picture below, within those arrows blend a concealer in with your skin.


Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 8.44.50 AM

Lightly powder your whole face, leaving out any areas with facial hair, as the particles might cling to the beard. With men, it is often good to go just one shade darker than the skin, not drastic, but enough to keep you from looking pale and to give you more of that sexy, slightly tanned look.

If you really want to go all out, grab a brush and a matte bronzer (sparkles are not recommended for men). Take your brush lightly over the bronzing powder and tap off the excess, then ever so gently run the brush over your temples and hairline and take what is left on the brush across the cheekbones.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 8.44.58 AM

So gentlemen, would you try it? Ladies, would you be cool with your man wearing a little bit of makeup? Let me know in the comments!

x Maxine

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