Classic ballerina hair accentuates the focus on dramatic make-up.

Ready for a make up round-up? Xenia’s pictures offer both an overview of what make-up artists use for professional pictures, and of a more natural approach for every day make-up. Let’s see the basic principles of both options.


Contour your face for a professional look

The latest trend for skin is using at least two different shades of foundation to be applied in different areas of your face in a strong contrast, and then mix them softly with a foundation brush. Apply a very light shade underneath your eyes, on top of your nose, on your forehead and chin (here is where you want light, a feeling of opening your eyes and brightening up your complexion). Use a dark foundation on the sides of your nose (as shown in Xenia’s pictures underneath) and in the outer part of your face (temples, around your cheeks, on the upper part of your forehead). Gently blend the different foundations with a clean brush to make the two colours almost melt together.

Xenia in the Shawish Jewels campaign: her face is contoured with two different foundations – watch the darker areas at the side of her nose and on her cheecks and temples.
Light, almost white areas at the centre of Xenia’s face and in the inner corner of her eyes. Darker make-up on her nose and cheeks.

Natural effect

Use again a lighter foundation or corrector under your eyes and in the inner corner of your eyes. To clean up your brush before you finish to use it, you can apply a bit of this light colour also just underneath your eyebrows. A light colour always gives a feeling of opening up, being awake and alert. Watch how white Xenia’s area between eyes and nose is.
Apply a yellow-based foundation around your nose to get rid of the red. Again a brush is your best friend, because it will keep your hands clean, but above all it will make the final effect natural by melting all colours to your skin – work with it until it almost disappears. If you feel the final result is too white or yellow, add a bit of bronzing power or blush to give a healthy glow to your face. Once more: don’t use it at the centre of your face, but rather on the outside part and cheeks.

Healthy glow and natural shades for timeless beauty.
Light brown eyeshadow and peach lips for a natural look.



For a professional look, a party or a photo shooting, you might want a cat-eyes, Brigitte Bardot effect. This smoked look works best with nude lips and makes the eyes the focus of your face. Use black and dark grey eyeshadow: black for the part around your eyelashes (it makes your gaze deep and intense), and grey at the side. You can also go for dark brown and chocolate shades to have the same effect. Don’t forget to use a brush and blend, blend, blend.
Use eyeliner on the whole line of your eye (not just half) to make the look even stronger. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Finally, brush your eyebrows hair up and fill up with grey or light brown eyeshadow or pencil. Don’t forget to blend all colours until they look like gradual shades.

Brigitte Bardot style: smoky eyes and pink, pouty lips.
Look at me – I have the make-up for that.

Natural eyes

The trick for a natural effect is to apply lighter shades of eyeshadow and maybe just a thin line of eyeliner. Once more, though, you want to use this for all line of your eye. Curl your lashes and apply mascara; groom and fill up your eyebrows. Only by taking care of every part of your eyes the final effect will be fresh and tidy and the same time . Use the appropriate brushes and blend until the result looks very natural.

Xenia’s natural looking make-up showcases her glowy complexion.
Xenia getting ready – her make up is classic and natural.


Party look

A party means you might drink, eat, dance, move a lot…your make up might go away quickly. So apply foundation and powder to your lips before contouring with a pencil and then adding lipstick. That way the colour will last almost all night. Finish up with gloss for a glamour effect. Go for red for a dramatic look.

Dramatic lips for your glamour moment.
Xenia’s bright red lips contrast beautifully with her indigo top.

Day lips

Once more: if you want your lipstick to last the whole morning or afternoon, apply foundation before. Which colour is good for the day? Anything that is very close to your natural lips will do. Peach, nude, beige, light prune, natural pink all work on most skin types. A touch of lipstick or gloss is always very pleasant and makes your final look fresh and groomed.

Nothing better than a touch of gloss for a spontaneous smile.
Peachy tones and breezy feeling: ready to fly!