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I had some business meetings at the Sanderson Hotel in London and I couldn’t help noticing its edgy and artsy-fun design.

Philippe Starck is just one of the famous artists and interior designers present in this bright lobby.

The Red Lip sofa where I am sitting is called “Boca Lips”. This lip-shaped sofa is an icon of modern furniture design. Studio 65’s Marilyn Bocca Lip Sofa was produced in homage to the Surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali designed a quite similar piece in the 1930s that was meant to resemble Mae West’s lips. Studio 65 updated Salvador Dali’s design in 1972 and called it the Marilyn Bocca Sofa in honour of Marilyn Monroe.

At the front door entrance there’s a barely noticeable chain, but even that is a famous piece of art purchased from a gallery in New York from the designer Tom Sachs.

luxury design

Yellow Tongue Stool

Xenia Tchoumitchevaluxury furniture

The  Rocks –  Known as “The Argine” designed in 1970 and Purchased form a gallery in New York.

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The Blue Sofa and Green chair with Swan Head handles is designed by Philippe Starck and makes fun of classic Louis X1Vth.

luxury designluxury design luxury designluxury designluxury designluxury design

this last piece is called Deprivation Chamber by Birdskull 1996 and it was purchased from an art Gallery in the Netherlands.

If you come visit, you will discover more and more fun details, like that Yellow Tongue Stool, designed by Pierre Paulin in 1967.