A source of inspiration for fashionistas, first ladies, princesses and actresses alike, the Jackie O style is still a beloved classic. The big sunglasses (think Victoria Beckham or Anne Wintour) have been copied countless times, the pastel shift dresses, the short sleeved jackets, the “Jackie O” dresses with their tiny belts, the white trousers or black and white combinations, the use of pink, the bouffant hair , the pillow-box hats, the strings of pearls, the small handbags with a tiny handle keep showing up at events. Sounds too formal? Not necessarily. Here 15 examples of a classic style with a modern twist.

1. Amal Alamuddin.

Soon-to-be Mrs. Clooney knows how to look at her best both for working and for the paparazzi. She freshens the look up with unconventional shoes or coloured sunglasses.

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2. Victoria Beckham.

Beckham is an expert at the Jackie O look, both for herself and as an inspiration for her clothing line. She wears it in black and pastel colours, with sleeveless or short sleeves dresses. She makes the look more modern by using contemporary shoes and by avoiding jewelry.
fp_7887116_beckham_victoria_aar_25_29 victoria-beckham

3. Eva Longoria.

Shift dresses in pastel colours look great on Longoria. She changes her hairstyle as a variation.
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4. Eva Mendez.

Eva masters pink and the ladylike look, but keeps it fresh with natural hair and light makeup.
5. Salma Hayek

With her hourglass figure and sexy choices, Hayek could easily look “too much”. She reaches elegance instead, thanks to her impeccable accessories and her family-oriented lifestyle.
best dressed9

6. Angelina Jolie

Jolie has learnt the ladylike style in recent years, and keeps getting it right.

7. Katie Holmes

Holmes even played Jackie professionally and therefore knows the look very well. She also sports it in her private life, especially by choosing the big sunglasses (also over casual outfits) or the bouffant hair.
katie_holmes_sunglasses_leopar Pink-dOrsay-with-patent-bow

8. Carla Bruni

If you have been a first lady, you know what rules are. Bruni showed France an international taste and a respect for formality with a modern touch.
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9. Michelle Obama

Well known for her toned arms, Michelle Obama loves to show them off also during formal occasions, something which was unheard of in the past.

Michelle Obama Speaks At Affordable Care Act Event

10. Jessica Alba

When she dresses like a lady, she does it in style. Open sandals and short jumper complement the look.

11./12. Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian

who wears the Jackie O dress better? I simply can’t choose.

13. Anna Wintour

Wintour wears her trademark Jackie O sunglasses even at fashion shows, in the dark. She also loves sporting all sort of ladylike jackets and always has an impeccable hairstyle. An icon.

14. Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow loves shoes in a contrasting colour to her outfit . Loose hair and no accessories give a modern interpretation to the classic look.

15. Kate Middleton

Middleton is able to wear formal attire while looking fresh and very at ease. Kudos for her beauty and her fashion style.

The original: Jacqueline Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy/Onassis