I come from Greece, and even as a European emancipated woman – I am well aware that not every culture has the same standing and ideas when it comes to gender equality.

Do women have the same chances as men? From my standpoint, not really, or better: not yet.

Surely, in certain circles stereotypes lead to believe that the “strong sex” is considered to be the “powerful” gender and the “gentle sex” or women – the “beautiful” one. Sounds extremely silly, doesn’t it? But before getting too serious into the subject, let’s have some fun with these stereotypes. Let’s talk about men and what they are expected to be.

So, let me give you some fun keys and new stereotypes to become an irresistible and successful man in the modern world.

And in our, womens’ world. What are the cliches that we girls expect from men?



First of all, a classy man should have

a signature dish, to surprise his woman

a skin care regimen, because even a man has to take care of his glow (about which I will write in my future posts)

the ability to ask anything, confidence is one of the sexiest traits

and a personal barber or hairstylist – for an ulterior touch of class 

Furthermore, it is a very attractive trait for a man to have a cheerful smile and positive attitude throughout life.


Happy young boy holding a glass of beer at a disco

 A real man modern world (attractive) clichés :

  • when he wants something, he goes for it without many insecurities
  • he asks his girlfriends’ father the permission to marry her, old school and well mannered.
  • during a conversation – he looks other people in the eyes
  • he can have a party night out every now and then, but not on a regular basis – being a party boy after 20 isn’t that attractive – believe me.
  • keeps his promises – always
  • says the truth, and takes responsibility for it – even when he has to admit something very, very bad
  • has a hangout place, whether it’s a gym, a library, a bar or a park. he has a natural territory where he feels comfortable and “the king of the Savanna”
  • and, believe it or not, he know how to cook and has at least one signature dish  (also the ability to feed oneself should be on your priority list anyhow)

the most important positive stereotype: it’s all about confidence.

Confidence is the secret elixir or the most powerful weapon; for both for men and women.

Men with confidence are very “dangerous”. No matter if they aren’t that attractive – it’s not about physical traits. This type of man always gets what he wants, he magnetises everyone’s attention and could simply shock you with their success.

man cooking

Oh, I almost forgot this cool stereotype: remember to wear your tailored suit.

A “real man” has to stay classy a every moment because – style is part of his life. Μore specifically, we choose our clothes depending on the profession, personality or mood. Researchers claim that the way someone is dressed plays a key role in other people’s behavior towards this person.


And last but not least,

men quotes

Personally, I think that with the word “equality” people do not want men and women to behave the same. They just want each gender to have equal opportunities while maintaining some very fun stereotypes that makes us different and more attracted to each other.