How to Impress a Woman and Make Her Smile

You’ve met a woman that you want to get to know better and you’re stuck thinking about what you can do to impress her and make her remember you.  Why not pull out your humor?  Many men who aren’t naturally funny may find it difficult to know exactly what they can do to make a woman smile and impress her.  These tips will help you to break the ice and leave your prospective partner wanting to know more about you by the end of the night.

Telling a Joke

You won’t want to pull a joke right out of the comedian’s handbook, but you should try to find the perfect opportunity to tell a well-timed joke.  Humor is subjective, but if you are able to tell the right joke at the right time, it can be a giant step right through the front door.  Try to joke about yourself instead of another person as this can show that you’re humble and a woman will surely be interested.

The Funny Face

Before you even begin talking to her, try to get her attention from across the room and make a subtle funny face, whether it’s sticking your tongue out or going cross-eyed.  After, make sure that you give her a genuine smile so she can tell that you’re joking.  This will definitely intrigue her to get to know you better.  This is also valuable for men that are currently in relationships as your partner will love to be reminded that the humor that reeled her in is still there.

Share Your Happiness

If something great has happened that day and you feel like you’re going to burst with joy, let the woman in your life in on the happiness.  A whole-hearted laugh or a giant grin is surely infectious and this is probably the easiest way to make a woman smile.  When you’re trying to impress a woman, happiness is key so make sure that your face brightens up with enthusiasm.

Show That You’re Listening

There is a stigma that women have against men where they essentially believe that they’re never listening to them.  Simply taking the time to listen to what a woman is saying and responding to her words is another great way to impress them.  The best part is that listening is simple, free, and convenient for you.  Make sure that you nod, look her in the eyes, and stop yourself from looking bored (even if you are).

Grand Gestures

If the previous tips don’t work, always leave grand gestures for last.  You can pick her favorite food from the best restaurant in town and bring it home for dinner, take her out on a romantic dinner date, or even pick her up in a hug and swing her around.  Showing a woman that you are spending the time to make sure that she is happy and fulfilled is surely the best way to impress her.  Not to mention that the attention you’ll be paying her is enough to make her smile for years.