Here’s a rough translation to English of this week’s cover story on Friday fashion magazine.

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Xenia, where does your desire to be successful come from?

Certainly from my family. My father was one of the first entrepreneurs in Russia. From my mother I got the sense of beauty. Honestly, I was never really interested in fashion or beauty. My mother, however, insisted that I’d dress feminine and take care of myself.



As an entrepreneur and model you write about luxury and explore other people’s luxury lifestyle. What do you like so much about it?

What fascinates me the most is the dream and aspiration luxury objects carry with them. It’s not just about simply buying them, but the necessity of achieving something, in order for the dream to come true.



What is the most expensive that you’ve ever bought yourself?

My watch.


How much did it cost?

Even with a good discount still around 10,000 swiss francs.


It was said about show business that it is a cold, superficial world. How do you experience that?

I don’t take it too seriously as I consistently put a separation between work and private life. This balance is extremely important to me. Also, I try to surround myself with people who are real and honest with me. Without it being in the spot light would be unbearable.


How do you separate the two worlds?

For example I would never show my private life or somebody I am dating to a magazine.


But a couple of years ago you gave an interview on Schweizer Illustrierte about your boyfriend.

At the time I was 20 years old and didn’t know any better. After this story my relationship unraveled.


What should be your dream man?

There are alpha-type people, leaders. And there are beta people, followers. I’m leaning towards being quite alpha.

If I opted for a beta man, I would sooner or later get bored. But with an alpha man, we’d constantly crash. I don’t enjoy people bossing me around.

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Do you have many friends?

Yes, I would say so. My best friend lives in Zurich. I’ve known her since I was eight years old, we grew up together, and she knows everything about me. She is my soulmate. In other cities, I have a few girlfriends, with whom I’ve got a “Sex and the City” kind of relationship.


Is there something in your glamorous life that makes you sad?

Being always in the public eye can cost an enormous amount of energy and, if not balanced out, can lead to a burnout.
It happens sometimes after an hour of autographs or a DJ show: when I give a lot of myself to the public.


How do you fight such downs? 

I love to be alone, and to meditate. I have been doing it for around a year now, and it’s the best thing that happened to me in the past few years. It has completely changed my life.


Xenia, you have so much already, who already, do you still have a dream left?

I want my own family someday. Only with a family you are a complete person.

xenia tchoumitchevaxenia tchoumitcheva