Have you ever wondered what could be the best healthy habit you should do every morning, even before brushing your teeth?

The answer will be, drink warm lemon water!


You have probably heard about all the benefits of drinking lemonade, so all you need is to make a habit to squeeze that lemon. It is crucial to drink lemonade on an empty stomach because it is scientifically proved that it helps cleansing your body, flushing out the toxins and preparing your digestion tract for a new day.
I know many of us imagine lemonade as a drink that will help us cool down, especially in the summer. Drinking iced and cold beverages can take energy out of your system. The choice of drinking warm water, that has a similar temperature as your body, you will make the process faster and make your digestion tract ready for a new day. Lemons are also very good friends of your liver because they their properties support its enzymes and help it producing new ones.


Another very important benefit of lemon water is a bit neglected and not heard about enough. Lemon water will help in alkalizing your body and maintaining a good pH level . It may sounds illogical because out of the body lemon is acidic but after being processed in your body, it has an alkaline effect. Keeping our body alkalized is crucial for our health because diseases such as cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment.
Only one lemon provides 30 mg of vitamin C which is almost half of the recommended daily intake . To get your best attention, I will mention collagen. Now you think about beautiful and toned skin and I believe I have your full attention. Yes, collagen is very important for your skin and for that reason it is recommended to take your daily dose of vitamin C because it plays a role in the formation of collagen. Just try to avoid adding sugar to your lemonade because sugar, besides all other negative sides also damages collagen.


If you are still wondering “ why lemon water?” :
-Improves your immune system
-Great source of potassium and vitamin C
-Helps digestion
-Regulates level of pH value
-Helps with weight loss
-Keep you skin clear
-Gives you energy
-Reduces inflammation.