“The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough.”
That poem “In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound, is just one of the best examples of the role that Japanese Art (haiku style) has had on Western culture and, as you know, Art and Fashion have always been intimately connected.
Well, today, Fashion houses leave no choice: New York, London, Milan and Paris, also for this Spring Summer 2015, have resolved and kicked off the Kimono invasion.
In Japan the Kimono is the National traditional costume and the highest symbol of the Geisha style. It represents the “Art of Seduction”, a symbol of elegance and sensuality, but today it is being reinterpreted by emerging and famous fashion designers, according to the rules of our Western fashion culture. They have created a range of varieties, able to meet all shades of a woman character’s and personal esthetic taste: casual, posh, made of cotton, silk, short and calves–length, with fringes, floral, minimal, with origami patterns, open or close with the obi belt… To have just one in your wardrobe will not be enough… You won’t resist the sensual and delicate charm of the Geisha look and all of you, just to capture a bit of its essence, will not hesitate to wear it in the elegant summer nights, at parties, at the beach, or just to go shopping.
It will replace the classical cardigan and it will not only be the functional garment worn over the dress or the jeans but it will make your style even more glamorous and original and it will give you a mysterious, intriguing oriental allure, a marvelous chic look.
So, this time, in the infinite encounter between the Western culture and the Eastern one, the “Land of the Rising Sun”… docet!
Kate Moss wearing Alexander McQueen Kimono. Photo: pinterest.com
Gucci. Photo: pinterest.com
BCBGMaxazria. Photo: glamazons.com
Givenchy. Photo: pinterest.com
Chloe. Photo: style.com
Bershka. Photo: bershka.com