There is a place where Art and Fashion pervade the soul and the eyes of people. A place that manages to involve all senses tying the aesthetic and vain experience with a more intimate and sensorial one. It is the Trunk Club in the Villard Mansion on Madison Avenue, New York!

The Trunk Club is a clothing service company for men and women; members are greeted and offered a welcome drink in the lounge bar waiting for the assistance of their personal fashion designer. This one, who already knows your measurements from a previous online submission, shows and picks the best outfits for the clients while they are lounging. There it is: Trunk Club is a friendly and relaxing way to go shopping guided by the most competent people without making any effort.

Despite the excellent service, there’s much more! The New York location is one of the two last private mansions remaining in the city and withstands the modernist building style with its majestic architecture of the Renaissance revival. During the “golden years” of the establishment, Villard Mansion used to be a meeting place of famous artists and inspired artistic collaboration such as the one of Andy Warhol with Basquiat, continuing today to be an important source of inspiration for new generations.

In this scenario, Adornare USA, an Art Consulting Company that transforms retail spaces into high-end Art galleries, made the Trunk Club its home. In fact, thanks to a partnership with Adornare USA, the Trunk Club has also become an “art gallery”, where exhibitions of various talented artists such as David King Reuben, are held.

To celebrate the partnership between Trunk Club and Adornare USA, Lauren Rusignola Founder and David Justin Partner of Adornare USA, in collaboration with Nicolas Gomez, regional events for Trunk Club, presented the art show “Presidents, Kings and Kingdoms” through the architectural installation entitled “Roter Faden” – “Red Thread” created by the young Italian Designer Giordano Morichi.

Giordano Morichi, Designer and Clair Wuestenberg, Model at the Trunk Club, Villard Mansion – John Varvatos room

Roter Faden” meaning “Red Thread”, is a German expression often used in the literary world to identify the consistent logical structure that guides the audience through a specific theme. On a conceptual level the installation, with its uninterrupted red path, is the clear metaphorical structure that connects the artwork on display in the surrounding space enhancing the artistic perception to a sensorial level. The viewer does not relate to a singular piece of art but is immersed in a deeper experience as it becomes part of an artistic environment from “Star” to “Ziel”, “Beginning” to “End.” The materiality of the Installation is a physical element that unifies the artwork; it adapts and transforms its function to aid the artistic experience. Plastic film and tape are used to hold art pieces together during transportation; they protect the work from the outside world obscuring the visibility of the artistic subject as well as preventing damage. The materials are recycled and repurposed to connect the exterior and interior space and the various levels of the building, guiding the user toward and into the world of the artists.

“Roter Faden” Installation by Giordano Morichi

With his installation the talented artist Giordano Morichi has passed the border of the visible world entering an emotional dimension through a swirl of red and void space; the Italian designer uses these aesthetic perceptions to represents the link between the imaginary and more realistic visions of the surrounding space. It is an artistic experience both conceptual and temporal, where the art on display goes beyond the material limits thanks to the installation, and projects the visitor in a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

As the visitors start their journey they are immersed in a projected imaginary space with indefinite heights, and an unexpected material use as a form of an artistic expression; people are surprised and engaged at the same time.

We are humans […] we reason through emotions. […] As sensitive being we tend to think irrationally first, we feel before we think. Spaces are treated by our bodies the same way; we feel them before we analyze the elements that compose them. […] at times spaces might feel empty, filled with nothing but solitude; the emptiness of a space can be filled with light, movement, and especially by one’s person. Only then the beautiful silence that freezes the architectural surrounding is broken leaving no trace of the previous atmosphere and creates a new sensual one.”

This private club on Madison Avenue, is an inspirational way of conceiving the relationship between Art and Fashion: not only fashion designers can be influenced by the realization of their creations, but also the customer can choose his own outfits, unconsciously, as the result of the artistic suggestion of a place that invests on an artistic experience that strikes the eyes and the soul.


Photo credit: Google images; Giordano Morichi Designer of “Roter Faden”; Marco Vacchi Photographer.