For as long as I have known myself I have been always health-obsessed.

I see my own body like a temple, and I like to protect it and take care of it as much as I can.

I like to do my best when it comes to healthy lifestyle and environment – I don’t like to sleep next to my cellphone and tend to turn off wifi at night. But what to do about my neighbours’ devices or even worse, the wifi towers around town?

Living in the centre of a jammed and polluted metropolis like London, definitely puts my health objectives under strain.

Have you ever been to the country side and had an incredibly deep and quiet night of sleep?

Yes that’s the feeling I try to replicate in the busy city-centre.

There is an invisible smoke emitted from wireless technology, known variously as RFR (radio frequency radiation) EMF (electromagnetic fields) HFR (high-frequency radiation) or Electrosmog.  Whatever you call it, the important thing to recognise is that it’s biologically active.

As the mainstream medical establishment has not made out their minds about it, the subject remains a completely personal decision for the moment, and I do think it affects me and my wellbeing as well as my allergies.

Some people are instantly dramatically affected by radio frequency radiation, whilst others are less aware of these waves.

I have been looking for creative solutions to shield my environment at least during the hours of sleep – and here’s what I was able to find and come across: a full bedding set for my bed and pillows that protects from EMF.  (

I have been sleeping on it for at least a month, and my sleep is less interrupted and more relaxed.

There are many ways to improve your environment and live in a healthy house

Here’s a few tips on how to sleep in a wireless world

1Turn off your phones and Wi-Fi router at night, or more radically eliminate significant amounts of EMF’s that would otherwise enter your body by switching the power off at the mains.

21 hour before bed switch off all screens, read a book or chat with you partner.

3Replace bedroom lighting with a salt lamp.

4Hire or buy a microwave radiation detector to find out what external sources of wireless communication radiation are present in your sleeping environment.

5If your wireless radiation exposure is high, then the easiest low risk way to experience a healthy reduction in exposure to the phone mast or your neighbours Wi-Fi signal is to rent or buy an RF shielding bed canopy, conductive RF shielding paint or RF shielding window film.

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