Rousseau and Victor Hugo used to taste it at the Café Le Procope in Paris but even many centuries earlier, in the warm Egyptian nights, Cleopatra had offered it to Caesar and Mark Antony as a mean of seduction.

Today some people savour the matcha and sesame flavors while strolling in the shadows of the peach blossoms, some, on the other part of the world, prefer the maple syrup flavor… There are some who can afford those with the golden leaves, white truffle and saffron, down in the Middle East… And there are those who, lying on a sofa anywhere in the world, in front of a “vintage” or “3-D” TV, consume kilos of chocolate one just to have some comfort.

Whatever the tastes, the places and the conditions, in the traditional Italian recipe, the Artisan Gelato has always been the most “chic” of the sin of gluttony… And it is the only sin that makes you feel truly happy without deceit. Yes! Gelato actually makes you feel happy! That’s not a legend anymore, but it has been confirmed by scientific researches carried out in London, according to which you just need a bit of it, to stimulate those pleasure areas in the brain, the same brain areas which get stimulated when one wins a bet or when you listen to your favourite music. And not only that! The Italian Umberto Veronesi Foundation has worked out a scientific research recently on some Gelato flavors which sounds like pure ecstasy: “Gelato is good for your health” turning out to be the tastiest ally of human longevity! Gelato containing red fruits has strong antioxidant effects and the ones made with hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, are good for your skin as well as having anti-inflammatory effects. Saved also the lovers of dark chocolate, rich in vitamins B3, magnesium, and molecules that help people feel more energetic and in a good mood.

In short, the most chic of the sin of gluttony has become the most chic of the “Elixir of long life”! But don’t overtaste it, not always an “Overdose” manage to be “Chic”!

Matcha Ice Cream
Maple Syrup Ice Cream
‘Black Diamond’: golden leaves, white truffle and saffron.


Italian Artisan Gelato




Photos: Google Images.