celine-ss2014You don’t need to be a fashion expert to know that Fashion is directly linked to art. Years and year we have come across many examples where Fashion designers draw inspiration in art history. Schiapereli worked directly with Salvador Dali to create her famous shoe hat, Carven were inspired by Bosch paintings in his prints , and of course Yves Saint Laurent was highly influenced by Mondrian that he named a dress after him. It often happens that artists in difference fields of art, without knowing so create almost identical works of art. Last week I traveled to the DIA museum in Beacon, to visit one of the most famous, American abstract sculptors Jhon Chamberlain. He is best known for “creating sculptures from old automobiles parts that bring the style of painting into three dimensions.”

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The DIA museum in Beacon is a large glass monumental space located in the middle of nature wonderland surrounded by mountains, grasslands and and a river. What differentiates DIA from other museums is it’s magnitude and location. It is a place where art merges with nature and they become one. Dia’s mission is to provide a space which would ” help artists achieve visionary projects that might not otherwise be realized because of scale or scope”.

IMG_7005 IMG_7009 Beacon_dia_entrance 20140106-195739

It was amazing to see how Jhon Chamberlain made old pieces of metal come alive and form a beautiful piece of art. However what has has amazed me even more was to find myself surrounded by Celine’s spiring/summer 2014 collection. Colorful parts from old automobiles resembled Celine’s print dresses, and the three dimensional wall installations depicted Celine’s blue moulded cuffs, and minimalistic leather pouches.