Since I travel all the time – most recently Switzerland, Greece and Italy – I often find myself in different climates. With these constant temperature changes and long haul flights – my skin can sometimes suffer – especially from dryness.  I have been searching for a product that can help do more than just hydrate because sometimes when the skin is extra dry, it can become itchy as well.

Do you ever get dry or itchy skin? I just discovered the Curél Itch Defense line  – it is perfect if you want to cool, calm, and soothe your skin in an instant. So it gets back its hydration and a silky, smooth texture.

Curél’s two newest products – the Itch Defense Body Wash and Itch Defense Spray – are ideal in fighting against dry, itchy skin in addition to providing your skin with the hydration your body needs and wants.
These safe and effective formulas are gentle enough for even the most sensitive, eczema prone skin.

I recommend first using the body wash, which has a nice, rich lather with a light citrus scent that comes from orange oil, plus a conditioning mix of hydrating jojoba and olive oil. Then I use the Itch Defense spray – it instantly cools and soothes on contact. Also, it is so simple to apply – you can just spray it on the areas where your skin is most sensitive and irritated (although I tend to use it on my whole body).

I’m so glad I found this line, it makes my skin feel soft and smooth in any climate I travel to.
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