High heels! I believe there is no woman in the entire world who does not love them, wear them or at least have one pair in her wardrobe.

Photo: Gorica Popovic

High heel shoes have such a powerful influence, don’t you agree? Why is it like that and do we have to follow any “rule” before walking in them?

We often notice many women who walk in high heels, but sometime we notice them because they don’t not know how to wear them or because they have chosen the wrong pair for the occasion. A woman can have the best and most beautiful shoes on her feet but if she does not know how to walk in them the effect will be far away from the desired one. You will be noticed, but the comments will not be so nice. Some ladies are just born with “skills” for wearing and walking in heels and those women attract very high attention because their posture, elegance and the ease of how they wear them is so natural and sexy. That does not mean that those women do not ever struggle walking in them as some shoes are very uncomfortable, but the key is to hide that and accept the challenge.

Photo: Gorica Popovic

One sure thing is that every man likes to see a woman wearing heels and behaving naturally in them. What they don’t like is a woman who walks in them like a giraffe. Yes, a giraffe! One my friend (Man) described an awkward walk in high heel as a walk of a giraffe. I laughed so hard, but his description is quite true. I couldn’t believe he has found such a great metaphor for non-elegant steps in high heels. Higher heels (3-5 inches) are sexier then shorter heels (1-2 inches), almost everyone would agree, but if you can not manage to walk in them they will not make you appear more feminine and attractive. Because of that, shop for shoes wisely. You have to recognize, and most of all accept, that some shoes are good only for watching.

Photo: Gorica Popovic

Standing and sitting in high heels is also important. To stand correctly, stand with legs less than shoulder apart and with the heel of one foot touching the middle of the other. When seated, you can choose to keep your legs together gently tilting them on one side, or crossing them with your toes gently pointed down.

Photo: Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Now when we know that we should walk like gazelles and not like giraffes and to sit and stand like a ballerina, we should also know how to choose the right shoes for the right occasion.
Let’s use these photos instead of words.

For example, it is not appropriate to wear shoes like these (photo under)  if you go to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time…

Photo: Gorica Popovic
Photo: Gorica Popovic

Don’t wear shoes with open heel or toes for a business meeting and work…

Photo: Gorica Popovic

Choose shoes like these for dining in a nice restaurant

Photo: Gorica Popovic
Photo: Gorica Popovic

A great choice for night club but not so great for Sundays afternoon coffee could be this pair…

Photo: Gorica Popovic

Last but not least, as a modern woman, please don’t forget about exercising and foot caring. It’s a fact that high heels will make your legs muscles look tighter and leaner but the difference between trained and untrained legs is always more than visible. Make other admire not only your style but also your discipline and dedication.

Photo: Gorica Popovic

Mention foot care! High heels make you sexy while wearing them, but foot caring makes you remain sexy when you take the shoes off. Never let that skin of your heel looks like a melon skin.

Photo: Gorica Popovic