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What is this Swiss Smile brand I so often mention in my social media? It’s a unique and very luxurious range of teeth, mouth and skin products.

Combining extensive expertise with luxury, aesthetics and timeless design, Swiss Smile is leaving ordinary tooth care behind.

I have been working with this high end company for over a couple of years already and I am completely in love with the incredible quality of the products, and the aesthetic beauty of the packagings.

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These curated items contain some of the most sought-after and innovative formulas, exquisitely enriched with the finest of ingredients and valuable materials for an unprecedented and highly effective dental and mouth care experience.

Not only for the teeth, but for the lips and the skin around them.

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The quality of the tooth brushes is incomparable in both design and functionality.

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Personally, the whitening yet non-damaging toothpaste is one of my favourites.

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Swiss Smile‘s exclusive care range is based on the work of Swiss dental care pioneer CURADEN – internationally acclaimed innovator with a key competence in dental prophylaxis for forty years – and on the friendly support of some 200‘000 globally renowned dentists. Swiss Smile promises luxurious and highly effective dental and mouth care adapted for both day and night use, opening new horizons for a perfectly radiant and beautiful smile

Another one of my favourite ones is the ultra-luxurious (real!) gold infused toothpaste, that is proven to have a hygienic and beneficial effect of the whole of your mouth. And honestly, who wouldn’t have fun with a product that shines bright on your toothbrush?
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Happy white Xmas smiles with Swiss Smile Beauty.