Chopard is fully embracing sustainable luxury by designing the Green Carpet Collection in accordance with the GCC® ethical benchmarking and producing to the highest sustainable standards.

A perfect addition to Chopard’s High Jewellery Collection, the stunning new diamond necklace displays beautifully hand-cut diamonds sourced from Chopard’s responsible business partner, the IGC Group. It is set in Fairmined certified gold, from small artisanal South American mining communities who are supported by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM). The necklace was created especially for the Mostra del Cinema of Venice by Caroline Scheufele. The design was inspired by the beauty of the landscape and passion of the men and women who work the small gold mines in the village of La Llanada in Colombia, one of the South American communities supported by Chopard through its partnership with ARM (Livia Firth).

“Our journey to sustainable luxury is one which is embraced by our whole company.  It is the artisans in Switzerland with traditional skills and knowledge who, for well over a century, have created our finest jewellery and watches” explained Caroline.

“Chopard is therefore very proud to be building on and extending this tradition by supporting the COODMILLA co-operative in the mountainous region of south western Colombia.”

This is a pioneering project for a precious jewellery giant like Chopard, and I find it a very daring noble adventure. Actors are in first place big influencers when on the spotlight of a red carpet  and Virginie Ledoyen and Colin Firth visited the press conference in this amazing venue in Venice to support the project.

I also believe it will definitely pave the way to a more responsible approach by both, the customer and the luxury brands.

IMG_3239_2 IMG_3236_2 IMG_3227_2 IMG_3242_2 Livia Firth Caroline Scheufele Colin Firth 2 Xenia Rappaport Livia Firth Caroline Scheufele Colin Firth VD4A4345 VD4A4266 VD4A4255 IMG_3278_2 IMG_3272_2 IMG_3268_2 IMG_3266_2 Livia Firth Caroline Scheufele Colin Firth 3 IMG_3224_2 IMG_3210_2 IMG_3207_2 IMG_3064_2 28. Completed earrings and bracelet 25. Necklace last check 24. Polishing the bracelet 29. Completed necklace C Scheufele X Rappaport L Firth V Ledoyen C FirthIMG_3252_2

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Sustainable Luxury

by Xenia Tchoumitcheva