A strong shot of espresso.. A dash of adrenaline and the feeling of your body pushed against your car seat.

If you have a passion for cars or you are a proud owner of one the place to be is the “Cars and Coffee” event in Brescia. Bringing together owners of supercars of any prestigious historical car without restrictions in terms of models, brands or period. The only necessary element you must have to attend is one, love for motors.

Where else would it be other than Italy, the country with the greatest history in the automotive industry that is also one of the most significant contributors in the country. Italy is and always will be a pioneer in both design a mechanics of a car, with grand brand names in its list like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

Recently Xenia has visited the Cars and Coffee event amongst other online influencers like Shmee150, Marchettino or even the renowned Pagani family.

Xenia is a woman who has driven a fair amount of supercars and has a great passion for them was impressed by the selection showcased..

She stated “its such a cliche saying women don’t like to drive.. I love to drive”

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