As I am definitely not the type for late, sleepless party nights – I was supposed to only be in Cannes for one premiere this year, but an amazing dinner came up and I couldn’t say no when ArtProd asked me to come earlier as a special guest, to interact with journalists, take some shots and for sure about their new movie here on CHICoverdose.


After landing in Nice, I’ve arrived to Cannes – and while observing the summer feel of the Boulevard and the bubbly and dreamy people  on the streets (everybody seems to act as if they were part of a beautiful movie themselves) I couldn’t help noticing from outside the car’s window the whole wall of the Grand Hyatt Martinez of 11-meters posters for a big movie promotion.

As I looked closer I realised it is the promotion of 5.13 the Movie, exactly the one ArtProd produced – what a way to make a statement.


When going to a gala, black tie party I usually don’t want neither over- or underdressed. This Camera D’Or dinner was meant to be an elegant one, but also very business oriented and quite formal. Therefore I opted for a beautiful long dress can be both considered a cocktail as well as an evening gown – threw a blazer on top and felt very comfortable all evening.



When one mentions the Festival de Cannes – the first thing that comes in mind is the great movies, famous actors, amazing fashion, parties and the red carpet. But there’s a very interesting business side to it as well – discovering more in depth how the movie industry works, was extremely absorbing. I will just give you a taste of what I have discovered, apparently the producer is the last of the chain to get the invested money back as well the last to make a profit. Of all parties involved, first comes the cinema owner, then the distributor and after them the producer.

And after all of them in that order have made back their expenses and took their percentage of profit, what is left is the gain of the initial investor. Therefore, if you were ever thinking to invest in movies: it’s almost easier if you do it solely for the pure passion and love of cinema and leave the financial side to chance. Fascinating, isn’t it?



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Here’s a few items that I picked: