zeeI am a brunch lover, and when I was staying in Belgravia there wasn’t much to discover in terms of where to eat my porridge, my eggs and have my Sunday’s Virgin Mary. Right in the heart of one of London’s poshest neighbourhoods I have found the Pantechnicon, where I could enjoy a proper English brunch and shoot a few pictures.

This english restaurant that welcomes all sorts of people: from private bankers to fashion mums with their screaming, happy little kids. We shot in here, but this is just the beginning of a series of post that I would like to dedicate to the amazing ritual of brunch.

Let’s start with my personal few basics. Brunch is not a breakfast nor a lunch – therefore it starts around 11 am (but not mandatory) and can extend into mid-afternoon. Eggs are the absolute kings of this custom, and people usually have their favourite ones: sunny side ups, poached or scrambled egg-whites for the health-obsessed. Granola or porridge are the second best dish. And a very strong coffee to wake you up or to energise the day.

Time: it’s an absolute must. You cannot have brunch if you are in a rush – it’s all about enjoying the free moment.

Magazines or books: if you are alone it’s an extreme pleasure to dedicate yourself to something intellectual or purely entertaining, that has no particular use for your work or career.

Company: if you are having brunch with somebody you don’t like, walk away. It’s not worth dedicating such relaxing and special food moment to somebody who doesn’t make your digestion a smooth one.

Friends: long table and big brunches are probably the most fun – make sure you gather the people with some notice and book in advance. Oh, if it’s a Sunday, don’t expect everyone of the invited to show up – if your group is a young one, somebody might have a hangover.

Dress code: comfortable chic. Yes, do wear a pair of designer sunglasses or a shirt, with a pair of fancy tracksuits. Or an all jeans attire, just like the one I was wearing here.

DSC00494 DSC00497 DSC00495 xenia DSC00515 DSC00526 pantechnicon london