Braids Ain’t for Kids Anymore

Braids are big on the red carpet. If there is a trend that really is becoming big lately, for almost any length of hair, is the braided updo or hairstyle. Messy and loose or glamorous and precise, real or boosted with extensions, loved by celebrities and youtubers alike, braids  are for perfect on formal occasions, for a walk in the park and even on your wedding.

How To Party Braid

The first step to any successful braid that holds for a whole day (and party night) is creating a texture that has hold and grip, which will help the twine stay together. Start with dry hair, and pulse in layers of dry shampoo,  brush, shake and tousle for a gritty, easy-to-work-with texture.

When braiding across the crown, style hair and separate a fine section that can be braided over the top of the style.

For chunkier, helmet braids, separate crown into two sections and braid together, gathering in all hair.

For a messy style, simply gather hair in back and twine it as you like it. Remember to artfully pull out a few strands for similar disheveled elegance.

Fishtail Braid

The biggest winner of the braids trend is the fishtail. To grasp the exact technique and types, watch 10 New Ways to Rock a Fishtail Braid or learn with Youtube tutorials.

braids-and-braided updos
Nina Dobrev looks gorgeous with her shiny fishtail braid. Photo:
braids-and-braided updos
Blake Lively and the blonde version. Photo:

One Side

Feminine and sweet, beautiful to watch from behind for its soft shape, a side braid will draw a lot of attention and look natural too.

Messy and soft, resting on one side. Photo:
Messy and soft, resting on one side. Photo:
Braids and braided updos
Beyonce braided hairstyle. Photo:

Messy Updo

Leave some hair loose for a natural effect, or like your brided updo was done yesterday and still resists in place: a fresh and original style.

Braids and braided updos
Gwen Stefani messy braided updo – perfect! Photo:
Braids and braided updos
Blake lively lets some hair loose. Photo:


Decorate it with flowers, pearls, or simply go big. Add more or show the full length for a regal effect that is perfect for a bride.

Braids and braided updos
Elaborated braided bun – for formail occasions. Photo:
Braids and braided updos
Elegant and formal. Photo:

Rasta inspired

In a softer, modern version, this style is perfect for the confident, loved by musicians, traditional among black women. A bit of skin is shown and the result is strong and beautiful.

Braids and braided updos
Alicia Keys’ sexy, summery braids. Photo:
Braids and braided updos
Jada Pinkett braided hairstyle. Photo:


Think Julianne Hough or Scarlett Johnasson – blonde, elegant, inspiring.

braids-and-braided updos-hairstyles
Like an angel – Julianne Hough. Photo:
braids-and-braided updos
A veritable crown for scarlett Johanssonn. Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images.

Side French Plates

Rock’n’roll vibe, perfect for partying and for the rebel.

braids-and-braided updos
Cara Delevingne wears her hair loose, with some French plaits on one side. Photo:
braids-and-braided updos
Kristen Stewart at the Zuhair Murad show in Paris: side-swept. Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage.

Double Braids Updo/Bun

Braids and braided updos
Very formal indeed – Jessica Simpson with a double braided bun. Photo.
Braids and braided updos
Rachel McAdams. Photo:

French Braids

Simple enough to do it yourself, effective for any party look.

braids-and-braided updos
Jessica Lowndes. Photo:
Braids and braided updos
Danielle Lloyd at the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Premiere. Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images.

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