Last night I was invited to a very classy event. Guests’ of the Raffles hotel chain, and most particularly of the Paris’ luxury hotel Le Royal Monceau, were welcomed at the Halcyon Gallery in London by Peter French to assist to Bob Dylan’s Mood Swings exhibition that involved suggestive iron gates as well as provocative representations of historically famous gangsters and public figures.

Michelin-starred executive chef Laurent André and head sommelier Manuel Peyrondet “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” created an incredible dinner experience (and it’s not that easy to impress me in terms of food – after all I grew up next to Italy).

The environment was classy, happy and cheering and this exhibition is still on for several weeks in 144-146 New Bond Street in London, if you happen to pass by – swing in: it will prove you that Bob Dylan can be an artist at 360 degrees.

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