How deliciously sarcastic can it get when bankers scoff at themselves?

John Lefevre and his infamous “GS Elevator” twitter account paved the way for the self-ironic approach to the corporate life: each belief about the Wall-Street boys culture is used, always in an exuberant and irreverent to a fault way. It is a unique exploration of the unquenchable thirst of greed, money and misogyny.

Times have changed and the society as well as bankers themselves are slowly getting bored of chronicles of depravity because of the ambiguous feelings it triggers: it once amuses and nauseates.


The recently launched “The City Pub” is a series of very short and insightful B&W comic strips, “to portray the nature of the financial industry, which is often perceived as very black-and-white” (Ian Sean John, founder of the City Pub).  It is a near-instant-classic, which ingenuously dives into the daily grind of financiers… without any moral abandon!

… Grab a coffee, put aside the Financial Times and discover the real life of brokers, analysts or fund managers!