As a woman, it’s easy to feel the pressure of discrimination in certain typically male-dominated job rolesand industries.

I myself had an experience in the financial world after my studies. I interned in investment banking at several financial institutions, and when I arrived at my desk for my first day as a summer intern at a big bank, everyone around me was whispering.

Turns out that my profile had become “well known” online and I was known as “the model intern” before I had even put foot into the institution and started work. Although my colleagues on the trading floor were extremely friendly, respectful and helpful of me, I felt that they were rather intimidated by my presence, which didn’t necessarily help my learning process.

But are these roles actually just for men? While the latest #metoo movement and the Hollywood scandals are certainly bringing back angry and animated conversations about gender equality discrimination, I find it important to look back and see how much progress has actually been made.

In a study based on an analysis of data from Emsi, CareerBuilder’s labour market analysis arm, women made significant gains in filling typically male-dominated roles between 2009-2017.

Indeed – lawyers, veterinarians, sales and marketing managers, financial analysts and traders are increasingly female.
When we focus on trading for example, Gary Belsky, a Time magazine writer and media consultant, believes “that women are less confident than men” and that there is a strong argument that women, by their very nature, do indeed make better traders and better returns

When going into a role, I would personally forget about gender stereotypes and focus on breaking through the idea that a certain profession needs to dominated by manly traits and testosterone. It is not true and the clearly supporting this.
According to Forbes (and the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau) women are taking the reigns in many financial jobs that are often perceived as male-dominated. Looking closer at the information, 54.7% of financial managers, 59.3% of budget analysts and 62.8% of insurance underwriters are female! Although women may earn less on average than men in these positions—female financial managers earn 67% as much as male peers—the positions offer top workers the opportunity to earn six figures.

The expectation of women in society and the stereotypes surrounding the roles we should work in have and are definitely changing, and luckily – gender is no longer such an important factor for a successful career in any area.

I experienced this first hand when I started talking with London Capital Group, a global financial services company specialising in online trading. I spent a whole day at their offices learning about the trading industry and had the pleasure to get to know some of their successful, driven yet sweet and lovely ladies who are making a real difference in shaping the future of the company. This trend couldn’t make me happier.

So who said that the financial world and trading is just for men?

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