I think you have guessed my total obsession with health and longevity, and clearly organic nutrition and healthy skincare is part of it. Healthy and youthful skin has been often associated with select organic fruits and science has harnessed its properties in cosmetic formulas that increase the vitality of your skin’s most valuable cell-the stem cells, which are key to a skin’s regenerative powers.

(By the way..if you want to educate yourself more about the science behind the stem cells visit Adore Stemcells , a great source of information on the subject)

Adore Organic Innovation‘s new skin care line with Plant Stem Cell formula enriches the skin with the epigenetic factors of these resilent plant cells, enabling the skin’s own stem cells to self-renew while showing down the again process. Check it out HERE.



We took these pictures in the morning, after just a few days of having started using Adore Cosmetics: I was glowing.

Did you know that even if you aren’t into direct sunlight, your skin is still exposed to UV damage? It’s important to protect it and repair it starting at young age – for both men and women!

I have gotten myself the Adore Overnight Complete Treatment features Chronogen, a bio-engineered peptide proven to restore proper rhythmic gene expression, boosting natural cellular defense against UV damage during the day and improving skin’s DNA repair at night. The result: your complexion is refreshed, restored and rejuvenated.

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Enjoy your new glowing skin!