The most important things we need to do often hold the most resistance. If it were easy everybody would do it. Whether it be getting fit, losing weight, closing a deal or getting that promotion, it will be difficult.

Success is an incredibly subjective term, so lets talk about it in relation to goal attainment. The general assumption is that motivation precedes action – “once I am motivated I will do xyz”, or that it is something that is lost and must be found – “I can’t find the motivation to do xyz”. Here is the big secret – those who are successful don’t rely on motivation. Here are the three methods they incorporate into their daily life instead:


1. Cues
A cue is a driver that can lead to bursts of energy to undertake a task (think seeing Miranda Kerr in the Reebok commercial and suddenly wanting to go to the gym). While cues are great to get you up and moving, they unfortunately aren’t sustainable.

2. Systems
Enter systems – The most effective way to obtain success is to have systems in place that rule out motivation. Systems remove emotion and thought – the two biggest fail points when it comes to getting things done. In running The Lingerie Boutique, I leave very little to ‘motivation’. Instead, I put systems in place to complete everything I need to do. No matter how I feel, I have a system to follow. No questions asked.


3. Action
As Thomas Edison is quoted – ‘Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration’. The most effective way to get things done is to just do it (thanks Nike). Here, motivation comes after action – If I do x enough, I will get into a rhythm where I will want to do x (enter motivation). This is the golden secret to why people just seem to continually achieve things.

If something is important for you to achieve, you need to rule out distractions and things that will hold you back. Find a cue to get you started, put systems in place and just do it. Don’t let ‘motivation’ hold you back from attaining whatever it is that will enable you to call yourself successful.

This is CHICoverdose, your motivational business guide.

pic credits from Google images.