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Did you know it can take the average kettle five whole minutes to boil water to fuel your perfect cup of tea? FIVE WHOLE minutes? That’s absurd right? Well in the21st century where time waits for no man, now more-so than ever, the iKettle is on hand to have your kettle boiled up and ready to go as soon as you wake up to start a new day. Through WiFi connectivity and push notifications, this clever device fires up at the touch of a button on your phone, and even offers a variety of optimum temperatures for various beverages – something tea connoisseurs will enjoy. Embrace laziness and enjoy perfect hot drinks, what’s not to like?

2- Apple iWatch

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Highly anticipated and finally dropping later this month, the Apple iWatch is arguably one the most interesting gadgets to surface in a while. Working in tandem with your iPhone, the device will allow you to access emails, summon siri, take calls, and of course keep track of time (lol). The user interface is all unique to the Apple Watch through a custom iOS, making operating the time-piece a simple yet effective experience. Personally I am looking forward the health and fitness features of the iWatch as well as the James Bond-esque ability to access maps on your wrist. The Passbook may come in handy too, allowing you to store boarding passes and tickets on your wrist for easy access – something which will defiantly come in handy for the frequent jet setter. What I also found really cool is Apple Pay’s security feature where the watch shuts down access to the user’s credit card information once the device breaks contact with the body of the rightful owner. To be able to make use of Apple Pay features once again a PIN code is required once the watch is back on its rightful wrist. Alongside the countless customisation options and a plethora of unique features, this release is definitely a must have.


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For some reason, our phones always tend to die on us when we most need them. The Power Bank 5200 provides a sleek and compact solution to the problem with (as the name suggests) 5200mAH of power, enough for two top-ups. It’s actually a very small device, which is great as you won’t even notice it’s in your bag unlike some of the alternatives on the market.


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Easily the perfect travel companion in my eyes, the GoPro series has always been the benchmark in the Point of View Camera category. With the most recent offering being equipped with the ability to film in stunning 4K Ultra HD video and able to capture at 240 frames per second to offer what the tech geeks are calling “super slow motion”, this is the most advanced GoPro ever. With the new built in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity on offer, sharing your travels in crispy clear 4K has never been easier.

5- Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machine


Equipped with a One-Touch system to deliver Single & Double shot Espressos, Lattes and Cappuccinos in an instant, the Nespresso Lattissima is the absolute home barista. The built in milk frother is perfect for the macchiato and cappuccino guzzlers, while the Nespresso capsule blends are hard to beat for desirability. You need this in your home.

6- Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones


Wrapped in leathers with a varying degree of textures, these Headphones simply ooze luxury. With Sennheiser’s expertise they also pack a punch when it comes to performance – the sound quality is excellent, I don’t think any other Bluetooth headphones come close.  The leather covered ear pads are constructed with memory foam to mould to the contour of your ears, delivering superb comfort, while the overall construction is pretty lightweight – something which isn’t really expected from such a high performance set of Headphones. With wireless technology and active noise cancelling they make for a great travel accessory. They look and feel great too, which not only is a bonus but is considered to be a requirement these days.

7 – August Smart Lock


Get ready to throw away your keys. This smart lock by August allows you to enter your home by using your Smartphone device. When you leave with your phone in your pocket, it’ll safely lock your home. You don’t have to whip out your phone either, as the lock senses when your phone hooks up to it via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity (handy when your WiFi is down for whatever reason). Another cool feature of the August Smartphone app which I really like is the ability to assign e-keys to users of your choosing – and you can give out as many as you want. When you aren’t so fond of a particular person anymore you can deactivate their e-key, therefore stopping them from entering your home. The Internet of Things is slowly working its way into our everyday lives, and the August smart lock is an excellent addition.

8 – Kindle voyage


A kindle is a must for any bookworm, nothing beats the convenience of cramming all your books into one device. With the Voyage, Amazon has raised the bar with the best screen made available to date. With the resolution increased to 300PPI, it sure is easy on the eyes. The page turning feature is also a nice touch, making the experience feel all the more natural.

9 – Sony short throw 4K projector


Designed to look like a stylish piece of furniture, the Sony short throw 4k projector sits on the floor alongside any wall with enough size to accommodate its mammoth projection. The crystal clear 4K projection is absolutely stunning to watch, and can be projected up to a size of 147 inches. As it sits so close to the wall, you won’t get any of the annoying viewer shadows which can ruin a viewing. This is THE system to have if you really want to create a true home cinema experience (and don’t have a cinema to hand).

10 – Hyperkin Smart Boy


Although not available to purchase yet, I cannot wait for this gadget to hit the shelves. Initial rumours about the Smart Boy turned out to be an April Fool’s prank by developer Hyperkin. However in a sudden turn of events the hardware maker is now actually going to put it into production. The Hyperkin Smart Boy is a device which simply turns your iPhone into the old school Game Boy. The exterior comes complete with the rather nostalgic directional pad and A/B buttons, whilst making use of the iPhone screen. The cool thing about the Smart Boy is that it will allow you to use the actual Game Boy cartridges which will slot into the back of the device, as they did on the original Game Boy. I know for sure that many 90’s kids will be eagerly awaiting its release. There currently is no release date for this item, but stay tuned!